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Tile Marble Granite Member Since: 09 May 2015

I am the old school tile setter with over 18 years experience in the field. I am reliable and a business-minded person as well. Over the years, I have worked with builders, general contractors, investors and homeowners.


Vodka Daiquiri Member Since: 25 Jan 2018

a brief work history description is needed.


window-guide Member Since: 30 Aug 2016

  Wandsworth Road  
Replacing windows no longer need to be a hassle. Window Guide gives you the information you need on the differing window options available in the marketplace. Use this information to pick out a new window design, brand, or model to replace your old window. In fact, you can use this opportunity to get your home a new energy-efficient window that might cost less than your original window and save you money on your next energy bill. Indeed, even the government recognizes the impact energy-efficient windows can have on both your pocketbook and on the environment.