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How Much Will Slate Roof Replacement Cost? If you bought your home (or built it) with a slate roof and you believe it is time for a replacement, you may be concerned about the cost of slate roof replacement. This is not a cheap endeavor, but there are many reasons to opt for a slate roof over various other material choices. Before worrying about what you\\\'re going to pay for a new slate roof, be mindful that slate roofs typically last around 100 years, so there is a possibility that you may be able to get away with a repair job and extend the life of your current slate roof for another few decades. According to Remodel magazine\\\'s annual survey, a new roof can bring as much as a 71% return on investment. Slate roofs will add value to any home, provided the roof has been done professionally and installed correctly, and in the process, you can actually lower your insurance premiums too. Benefits of Slate Roof Replacement The many benefits of a slate roof include: long-lasting environmentally-friendly fire-resistant increases home value fungus and mold resistance waterproof If you do choose to invest in a slate roof replacement, you can rest assured that you\\\'re going to be making a very long-term investment that will also raise the value of your home, should you ever have to, or wish to sell. When Do I Need a Slate Roof Replacement? Are you wondering if it could be time to replace your roof? If your roof inspection reveals any problem areas, it could be time for a roof replacement: extensive leaking near the end of its lifespan missing shingles the desire for a better visual appearance Unlike other types of home repair work, you\\\'ll find that roofing contractors will rarely, if ever, itemize their slate roof replacement estimates. There are just so many minor components and unexpected difficulties that can arise that an estimate will usually just refer to the cost \\\"per square\\\", which references a 100 sq ft area, or per square foot. One of the most important types of due diligence to perform when entertaining a slate roof replacement is ensuring that the team you award the job to has considerable experience installing it.

Remember, many companies will gladly quote you and attempt to perform a slate roof replacement project, despite them having limited or no experience performing the task. It\\\'s a great payday for a contractor, so a less-reputable roofing contractor might not see your needs through the massive dollar signs blocking their vision. How Much Will It Cost To Replace a Slate Roof? Slate roof replacement isn\\\'t a trivial endeavor, and thus can run up a pretty substantial tab depending on some variables which will differ from one home to the next. On an average, American homeowners who had a slate roof replacement job spent £32,386 for an average 1,700 - 2,100 sq ft roof. In the more expensive replacement projects, some homeowners may fork out as much as £92,532 for a 3,000 sq ft roof. Slate Roof Replacement Cost Breakdown For a simple job, with few unexpected challenges on smaller roofs, a slate shingle replacement might only cost £13,108. As you can clearly tell, the overall cost can fluctuate quite a bit. A contractor will assess the size of your roof, its pitch (slant) and various gables, flashing, gutters and soffit needs as well. On a per square foot rate, the cost to replace a slate roof is £6.94 - £7.71, and in some instances up to as much as £23.13 - £30.08 per sq ft. These rates can be influenced by more complex designs, the type or grade of slate, installation patterns, building height, roof slope, and roof design. Replacing a 500 sq ft section of slate roofing should cost between £3,469 - £15,422 depending on the factors involved in the replacement. Replacing the entire roof of an average 1,800 sq ft roof could cost £12,491 - £55,519. Extra Replacement Costs To Consider As with any major project, there are several factors that could come as a surprise if you were not prepared or considering them. Here are some components that may influence the overall cost to replace a slate roof: Soffit vents - £1.54 - £3.08 each Fascia boards - £1.16 - £1.54 per linear ft Gutters - £2.31 - £6.94 per linear ft Metal flashing - £3.86 per sq ft Roofing cement - £16.96 per gallon Roofing felt - £13.88 per roll Roof sealant - £655 - £771 (standard roof) If your roof requires reinforcement to handle the extra weight of a new slate roof replacement, you can expect your cost to increase dramatically. Spending anywhere between £771 - £7,711 over and above your overall cost to replace a slate roof is very possible, should you need to reinforce it with rafters or trusses.

Get a number of estimates from local slate roof replacement specialists and choose the one that has the best combination of price and experience. You\\\'ll typically want to throw out the lowest bid, as generally, you get what you pay for. How To Get In Touch With Local Slate Roof Replacement Specialists If you would like to get in touch with a specialist in your area for a more accurate breakdown of the cost to replace a slate roof, you can get a 100% FREE quote now from a contractor in your region. How To Get Your FREE QUOTE To get started with some estimates, enter your home zip code into the form on this page and local slate roof replacement contractors will reach out to you. They\\\'ll be willing to provide you with a no cost and no-obligation estimate for the parts and labor. Be sure to also inquire about the time the contractor expects the job to take and whether they are willing to commit to deadlines or target completion times with penalties for being late. Remember, this offer comes with zero obligations, and there are absolutely no hidden costs, so feel free to enter your home zip code and get your FREE quote!


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Low Cost £13,108
Typical Cost £32,386
High Cost £92,532
Slate roof replacement costs will vary depending on several factors. Get in touch with local professionals to get a more accurate idea of what you will be paying.