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How Much Does Stone Tile Installation Cost?

Natural stone is a beautiful and durable material that homeowners and building contractors put into different uses around the home. They are perfect for adding some class to your fireplace, wall siding, and even walkways. Despite its flexibility, natural stone has forever established itself as the king of flooring. This is why stone tile installation could be one of the greatest finishes you could ever choose for your home.

The cost to install stone tiles will vary depending on a number of factors. It is highly advised that you reach out to local contractors to compare estimates and get a feel for the pricing trends in your area.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Stone Tiles?

The cost ranges between £1,450 and sometimes up to as much as £2,150. The price range will mostly depend on the size of the project at hand. Apart from this, you should expect your bill to vary depending on a couple of factors. On average, most UK homeowners will spend about £1,850 on stone tile installation. This will be the bill for a balance between project size and design complexity.

Consider the following factors influencing the cost to install stone tiles:

  • The type and quality of stone tiles you go for.
  • Any surface preparation, for instance, removing the old floor and leveling the surface.
  • Post installation services.
  • The labor rates in your region.
  • Product shortages.

Cost Breakdown

The greatest portion of the money you will spend on installing the stone tiles will go into purchasing the stone. The price will always vary depending on the type of stone tile and its availability in your area. The durability and overall appearance of the stone has a great impact on the overall cost.

Expect to spend a fraction of the money in purchasing supportive products like cement and grout. This and anything else that will help bond the stone tiles into an even look will have a great influence on your cost to install stone tiles.

The final determinant would be the existing labor rates. These will vary depending on the contractor and your region. People living in urban areas should naturally expect to spend more than their upcountry counterparts do.

With these factors in mind, the overall stone tile installation costs could look something like this:

  • £6.50 to £16.50 per square meter for granite tile floors
  • £6.50 to £15 per square meter for marble
  • £4.50 to £10 per square meter for travertine floors
  • £4.50 to £13 per square meter for limestone

Other Cost Determinants

The cost to install stone tiles will vary even if you are getting quotes for the same material. This is attributed to a couple of additional factors like product shortages, local cost for the material you choose and any special patterns or finishing you choose for your stone floor.

Since most of the stones are naturally porous, you might have to spend some money on a sealant to give your floor a glossy waterproof finish that is easy to clean. A good sealant could give you up to 18 months of service depending on the traffic and wear over your new stone floor. Cleaning and sealing your stone floor could be the only maintenance you have to run during the floor’s lifespan.

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Useful Information

Low Cost £1,450
Typical Cost £1,850
High Cost £2,150
125 Square ft.
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.