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How Much Does Wood Siding Repair Cost? Wood siding repair is often a necessary requirement for many American homes. The exterior of your house takes a lot of abuse. Wind, rain, sleet, snow and the beating sun can all work to warp, crack and dry rot your beautiful exterior. Wood siding is especially vulnerable to the elements, and needs regular maintenance to keep the rest of your home from deteriorating. Here is what you could expect to pay for this service. How Much Does It Cost To Repair Wood Siding? The cost to repair wood siding really does depend a great deal on the type of wood siding repairs needed and the kind of wood that graces your home’s exterior. Clapboard is the oldest and most common wood siding found on homes. Unfortunately, it can become damaged from the weather, and often requires wood siding repair. Most jobs cost about £462, but can be much higher or lower depending on the damage. Consider the following averages. Don\\\'t be overcharged for wood siding repair. Before you begin business with anyone, we recommend you compare quotes from as many contractors as possible. Check references of your chosen contractor before any work begins.

Wood Siding Repair Cost Breakdown Low: Maybe you notice a few boards that have been damaged by insects or that have cracked under the summer’s melting sun. Patching small spots is easily done and may only cost a few bucks. Boards that need total replacement, however, may run the cost upward to several hundred dollars. On the low-cost side, you can expect to pay as little as £77. Average: In most cases, homeowners needing wood siding repairs can expect to spend about £462. This will cover fixing basic cracks, splits and insect damage. Individual boards need to be replaced, which will increase both the materials cost and the contractor’s fees. High: Severe rotting or insect damage may require large sections of boards to be pulled off of the house and replaced. If water has been allowed to run behind the boards, damage to the structure may need to be fixed, as well as waterproofing behind the siding. This can increase the overall cost of the job to as much as £1,310.

Find The Right Contractor Determining how much your wood siding repairs will cost depends a great deal on how much additional damage there is. Replacing soffits, waterproofing, and insulation will all increase costs. Plus, depending on how old your wood siding is, matching new boards to your existing designs may be difficult and cost a lot more. The final cost to repair wood siding is also largely influenced by your location. Free Estimate From Local Professionals Contractors\\\' supply, equipment and insurance expenses differ by region. The weather conditions in your area also affect the price of this product by helping to determine the level of demand for it. We can help you gain a better idea of what wood siding repair will cost in your hometown. Simply enter your zip code in the space provided to receive 100% FREE, no-obligation estimates from trusted contractors in your area.


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Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £462
High Cost £1,310
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