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How Much Does Wood Siding Installation Cost? Wood siding is a popular type of exterior material that’s installed on top of your home’s foundation and sheathing to guard it against elements such as heat and moisture. While aluminum, fiber cement, and vinyl are frequently considered as an option, wood siding installation reigns supreme as a longstanding favorite for most homeowners who prefer the natural look of wood. You can combine wood siding with brick or stone for an elegant appearance that will not only add great ambiance to your home but also help you save some money on materials. Before you go ahead and hire a wood siding installation contractor, however, you should know the cost implication as well as the pros and cons of having a professional on board. Pros and Cons Of Wood Siding Installation Wood siding has an unmatched natural appearance that looks perfect on just about any residence. Additionally, wood is naturally durable and looks better with age. You will love this aspect especially if you prefer a rustic home exterior. It\\\'s also a great way of adding value to your home owing to the fact that it’s a higher-end siding option compared to other materials. Wood siding installation can and will, therefore, add curb appeal to your home. Some of the drawbacks of using wood include the fact that wood is very absorbent and can be damaged by water over time, leading to rotting and unavoidable replacement costs. However, you can buy some special sealants to apply on the wood siding to protect it from weather elements. Furthermore, wood is very flammable, and to avoid fire hazards, you will need to pay for a particular fire sealant which adds to the overall cost to install wood siding. Wood is also the most expensive siding material, and this is something to consider if you have high square footage. Most wood siding installation companies charge by the hour, and this can vary greatly on the efficiency of the installation crew and the size of the project. It is, therefore, advisable to work with a reliable contractor who will efficiently get the work done as expected. Do background checks and get several quotes so you can make a well-informed decision based on reviews and their certification as well.

Cost Breakdown For this cost guide, we will base our calculations on an average 1,500 sq ft area. Materials - Wood siding comes in several different materials and grains. You can make your choice between shingles, clapboards, drop siding, vertical boards, and wooden sheet siding. The most commonly used material is cedar horizontal lap siding which will set you back anywhere between £4.24 - £5.63 per sq ft. Redwood faced plywood is a higher end material which averages £3.74 - £4.36 per sq ft while cedar shingles average anywhere between £4.63 - £6.17 sq ft. Vapor barrier sheathing will also be required underneath wood siding to reduce moisture entry and improve insulation.This should cost no more than £0.77 per sq ft depending on your local climate. For an average 1,500 sq ft area, the overall cost of your wood siding materials can range anywhere from £5,397 - £8,482 depending on your specific region. Labor - Labor costs will vary from year to year and region to region. Contractors will charge anywhere around £28 - £38 per hour for wood siding installation. On average, you should expect to spend around £142 - £192 for five hours of labor, and this should usually cover roughly 200 sq ft of installation. Depending on the size of your installation, a contractor can take, on average, 4 - 6 days to complete your installation of 1,500 sq ft.This brings your labor costs to anywhere between £1,040 - £1,465. Other Factors To Consider Wood siding is fairly simple to install and repair, and although many homeowners consider the warm, natural look worth the effort, maintenance, and treatment can be required every year or two. Professional siding cleaning will cost approximately £57 for a single service. Local building codes - In some regions, wood siding installation will also require a permit. Complexity - Should your home have more detailed architecture, you can also expect an increase in the overall cost to install your wood siding due to extra prepping and labor costs. Repairs - Also, keep in mind that if your exterior walls have any water or weather damage, repairs may be needed before installation can commence. Lumber prices - Lumber prices vary considerably from year to year and region to region.

How Much Will It Cost To Install My Wood Siding? The actual cost of wood siding installation depends on your overall labor costs, the local material used and the size and complexity of your particular installation. Here are some averages to give you a better idea of the cost to install wood siding on your home: Engineered wood siding with special resins and treated with insecticide and fungicide, costs will come in anywhere between £2,775 - £4,626. Should you opt for yellow pine, spruce or fir clapboard, expect to spend in the region of £6,168 - £6,939 to cover an area of 1,500 sq ft. For cedar clapboard over that same size area, budget for around £6,554 - £8,096. For cedar shingles, installation can come in around £8,327 - £9,253. Wood siding installation is a huge investment on your part. Be sure to compare several local estimates to get a feel for regional pricing trends before you finally settle on a contractor, and don\\\'t forget to check references. How To Get In Touch With Professionals In Your Area If you require a more precise indication of what the cost to install wood siding on your home will be, why not reach out to professionals in your area for a more accurate estimate. All you have to do to get in touch with professionals in your area is to enter your zip code in the space provided below. Doing so will allow you to receive a 100% FREE, absolutely no-obligation estimate from professional contractors in your area.


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Low Cost £2,775
Typical Cost £6,168
High Cost £9,253
Average Cost Per 1,500 Sq Ft Area
The cost to install your wood siding may vary depending on your region, the materials you choose, and the size of your project. Be sure to request a FREE estimate from a professional near you to get a more accurate breakdown of the cost.