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Wood Shake Installation Cost

Fallen in love with the charm and look of a wood shake roof? Learn about the costs involved, especially when wood shake installation is an absolute must for you.

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How Much Does Wood Shake Installation Cost? Roofing options are plentiful and while some are more practical or beneficial choices, others are more aesthetically pleasing. A wood shake installation for your roofing material is very popular among homeowners for several reasons. However, the overall cost to install a wood shake roof can range depending on where you live, how steep your roof is and the exact type of wood materials you choose. Wood Shake vs Wood Shingle Keep in mind, when people think of wood shake roofs, they\\\'re usually not referring to the same thing as wood shingles. Wood shakes and wood shingles are manufactured from western red cedar, cypress, pine and redwood trees. Unlike shakes, shingles are cut by machine and are usually nearly completely uniform in size and shape. A wood shake installation makes use of wood pieces that are hand-split at least on one side, if not on all sides. The hand-splitting of the wood shake make the various pieces more unique and randomly-sized. What To Expect As a Wood Shake Roof Owner The coloring of your wood roof will fade slowly over time to a soft gray or silver tone. You need to be mindful that a wood shake roof will be more prone to fire damage compared to tar or plastic shingle roofs. You will have to re-do the wood shake installation every two decades or so due to the natural weathering and decay of wood versus modern, synthetic materials. Wood shake roofs give a much more rustic and traditional look than regular shingles.

How Much Will It Cost To Install My Wood Shake Roof? Fully installed wood shakes can come in anywhere from £3.86 - £6.17 per sq ft and several factors ultimately decide on which end of the spectrum your project will fall. When it comes to quoting in the roofing industry, the standard measurement used is a 10 x 10 ft area known as a square. For this cost analysis, we will use a roof of 25 squares (2500 Sq. ft) with an average pitch and only one layer of old roofing to tear off. In most cases, the average cost to install wood shake for this type of roof will be around £8,327 - £9,792. This should cover your area with heavy duty 18\\\" - 24\\\" wood cedar shakes. In some cases, the price may come in at a high of £15,422. This can usually come down to a steeper roof incline ( a very steep roof is around 39 squares ) which not only requires more wood shakes but more preparation to get the job done. The best way to get a solid understanding of what to expect in terms of pricing for a wood shake installation is to get in touch with installation experts in your area. Comparing estimates on wood shake installation will bring you the best deals and value for money. Cost Breakdown Removal of the old roof usually runs about $80 per square. On the average 25 square roof, removal and disposal can cost you just over £1,542. The labor involved in a wood shake installation job of this size will usually cost £115 per square. Covering 25 squares, this totals £2,891 on labor.

Additional Work Any further additions or repairs could as much as £1,773 to your final bill, but completing these at the same time as your wood shake installation could hold some savings benefits. This may include things like: vents chimney re-bricking downpipes gutters soffit snow guards other exterior trims Making use of a high-grade roof sealant is a great option if you want to prevent future leaks too. This upgrade typically costs £616 - £771 for a standard 25 square roof. Equally, installing a waterproof membrane will not only provide sufficient waterproofing, but many states require this depending on the type of roof you are installing. This usually costs £46 per square depending on the quality of brand, so don\\\'t forget to enquire about local building codes. Other Options Fortunately, if you are still undecided on a wood shake installation, there are other options. Today there are many modern materials available that can mimic the look of wood shake but with greater durability, fire resistance, and less maintenance. Whether an alternative makes sense for your home\\\'s roof is entirely up to you as the homeowner, but the cost of each installation from a labor and material cost standpoint remains very similar. Get Your Free Localized Wood Shake Installation Estimate Would you like to get a more accurate breakdown of the cost to install a wood shake roof on your home? When you simply enter your home zip code into the space provided on this page, your local area expert on wood shake installation will reach out to you with a 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate. There is no pressure to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts whatsoever. Based on the advice and information you receive, you can then decide if the traditional look is still desirable to you while considering your overall cost to install a wood shake roof.


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Low Cost £8,327
Typical Cost £9,792
High Cost £15,422
Average Cost Per 2500 Sq Ft Roof
Prices may vary depending on your location and several other factors. Get in touch with local professionals near you for a FREE estimate to get a more accurate idea of your cost to install your wood shake roof.