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Serious waste removal may require the assistance of a professional contractor. But what should you expect to pay for such a service with so many variables?

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How Much Does Waste Removal Cost?

Waste removal is something everyone needs at one point or another, whether it is an old appliance, excess construction materials from an old home-remodeling project, health-endangering asbestos, snow removal, or simply trash from an attic or garage.

When you are, however, planning to do waste removal yourself, consider the following factors:

  • transporting necessities - trailer or dump truck rental
  • disposable containers to transport waste in
  • garbage cans and trash bags
  • potential disposal fees at waste dumping station

On the other hand, if you are trying to figure out what removal service is right for you, you should ask these 5 questions first:

  • What type of waste needs removing?
  • What waste removal services are offered in my local area?
  • What waste removal service fits my budget?
  • How long will it take the service to remove the waste from my home?
  • Where exactly does the service dispose of the waste they are removing from my home?

How Much does It Cost To Remove Waste?

Waste removal cost anywhere from £77 to £500 depending on what needs removal from the home, but this average estimate comes from hiring professional waste removal services. If you decide to remove waste from a home yourself, the costs could be lower (or even greater) than the average.

Ultimately, the cost to remove waste depends on the service you use and the type of waste that needs removing. Typically, professional removal services cost around £230.

If you are hiring helpers to help remove waste with you, the average cost you can expect to pay per hour is between £7 and £11.

Sometimes you do not need to pay willing helpers at all for waste removal. This is especially true is the waste removers are turning your trash into coin. For example, allowing free waste removal helpers to take old stainless steel appliances, cast iron materials or copper piping to a scrap metal recycling place for cash instead of taking cash from you!

How Much Does Hazardous Waste Removal Cost?

Now, if you are hiring a service to remove hazardous waste such as the kind that is flammable, corrosive or toxic you can expect the cost for removing this kind of waste to be a bit pricey, ranging between £3 and £19 per kg. Some of the types of waste that is hazardous include:

  • black mold contaminates
  • asbestos
  • oil
  • lead paints
  • flammable agents such as kerosene and gasoline
  • toxic liquids such as paint thinners or photo printing chemicals

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Useful Information

Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £230
High Cost £600
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today