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Wall Heater Installation Cost

Wall heater installation is a very straightforward process for professional

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How Much Does Wall Heater Installation Cost?

The only people who do not need heaters live near the equator. The rest of us will need heat some point during the year. One reasonable option is the electric baseboard heater. It is less expensive than other heating options because it does not require duct work.


Before you choose a contractor for your heating project, check out the cost for wall heater installation, factors associated with the cost, and a sample breakdown of installation costs.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Wall Heater?

On average, most homeowners pay ?462 to have a professional install an electric baseboard in their home. The low estimate is ?77 and some people have paid as much as 1,079 for professional installation.

Most wall heater installations are relatively simple for general contractors and the price from home to home is about the same. That is why it is highly recommended you compare quotes from several contractors before you settle on working with company. Comparing quotes will give you a fair representation of what you should be paying in your area.

What Factors Influence The Cost To Install a Wall Heater?

Factors that influence the cost of wall heater installation includes the following:

wall heater installation unit price number of wall heater installation units replacing or adding new units type of wall heater installation unit

The cost of the unit itself influences the total price. Most often the installation will be less than half of the labor cost. Some advanced models will cost you about $400 but most are less than $100. Further, if you want to have multiple units installed in your home, that reduces the costs from a wall heater installation contractor.

If you already have electric baseboard and you are simply replacing units, this saves money because the electrical wiring is already in place.


Finally, the location of your wall heater installation will affect the overall price. For instance, if it is difficult to access rooms or locations in the home.

What About My Electric Bills?

Your utility bills will be higher with electric baseboard heating but it is comparable with oil or gas heat. It is still the most affordable option.

An important consideration for installation of your wall heater is the location choice. For example, if they will be installed underneath windows, that will lead to higher heating costs over the long run.

Sample Breakdown

£77 - Wall heater unit (72" wide, 240V /1500 watts, up to 250 sq ft, UL listed) £231 - installation labor £154 - wall heater installation materials and supplies Labor will typically include the following steps:

  • acquiring materials and unit needed for installation
  • layout and secure the wall heater unit
  • connecting to existing electrical circuit
  • testing of unit
  • set up and clean up area
  • If you need units removed, relocated, or repaired, this will increase installation costs. Further, anytime the contractor has to fix something to bring it up to code, that adds to your expense. If hazardous materials are found like asbestos or lead, remediating those issues will likely be an added cost. You should always compare quotes from specialists in your area to ensure you find a contractor you feel comfortable with.

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    Low Cost ?115
    Typical Cost ?138
    High Cost ?154
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