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Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost

Vinyl flooring installation can be tricky, even for experienced DIY handymen. Here is a cost breakdown of what you should be paying in your local area.

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How Much Does Vinyl Flooring Installation Cost?

Vinyl is one of the easier flooring materials to work with and install, and many homeowners take on vinyl flooring installation as a DIY project. Vinyl comes in sheets, rolls or as individual tiles. Some vinyl flooring has the peel away back with sticky adhesives already attached while others may require that you apply the adhesive yourself.

When doing your own vinyl flooring installation, you may run into some difficulty working with this pliable material. Measuring and cutting this it to fit around pipes, drains, cabinetry and other tricky areas could become problematic, and professional installation may be a better option for obtaining the look and finish you imagined.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Vinyl Flooring?

An average, for a 200 sq ft area of vinyl flooring installation, homeowners can expect to pay in the region of about £530. This is based on the costs of materials during a DIY project. Should you opt for the assistance of a professional contractor, the price will fluctuate depending on your location and the company you eventually decide to work with.

Vinyl flooring installation is best when done by trained professionals. If you’re a skilled do-it-yourself handyman who enjoys a challenge, however, it is still recommended to compare quotes from professionals in your locale in order to get an idea of what it might cost you.

Cost Breakdown

The cost to install vinyl flooring will depend on the following factors: Prepping Contractors should include a price in their quote for moving furniture and prep. Prepping the existing floor for installation will depend on the current condition of the sub-floors. In some cases, you may need to purchase some additional plywood. Plywood usually runs about £15-£19 per 4x8 sheets. Depending on the actual floor space to cabinet space ratio, this job should take about six of the four by eights, putting an estimated total of around £100-£104.

Vinyl Flooring Installation

Depending on the flooring you choose, the price will vary. Different patterns and textures and even the durability make a difference. An estimated average price for the sheet/roll flooring is about £2-£3 per sq ft, and usually come in 10 foot or 12-foot sizes. For the size of a 200 sq ft room, the estimated total will range between £400 - £650.

Additional Materials and Costs

Extra costs that you may encounter during a vinyl flooring installation project may include the following:

  • adhesives
  • cleaning supplies
  • sealant
  • roll out underlayment
  • Homeowners can expect to cost to install vinyl flooring on averaging out at around £530, with the higher price range coming in at around £770. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the choices you make in products and, where you get them from. Get Your Free Estimate If you are a homeowner interested in vinyl flooring installation for your home, let Homes Ace assist you without leaving the comfort of your own home. By entering your zip code on this page, you are eligible to receive a 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate from professionals in your area. Simply enter your postcode now, and contractors in your area will reach out to you with a free cost breakdown. Remember, this offer comes with absolutely no obligation to you whatsoever.


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