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Tree Stump Removal Cost

If you need tree stump removal, you are likely thinking about the price. Here is a breakdown to prepare you for the cost to remove a tree stump.

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How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost?

Tree stumps are just plain annoying, and more often than not, tree stump removal can be one big hassle. In most cases, stumps need to be professionally removed to insure that the entire root is gone and that you are not injured in the process. Knowing what prices to expect can also help you choose the right company each and every time.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree Stump?

  • The cost to remove a tree stump can be as little as £77, but on average you can expect to pay around £231. In some cases, however, the price can climb to about £616.
  • If you are wanting to remove a tree stump, it is important that you recognize exactly what factors drive up the cost to remove a tree stump. Several factors can significantly increase or decrease the cost to remove a tree stump, including:

  • tree stump size
  • location
  • tree type
  • tree root system
  • soil condition
  • It is not recommended that you take on your pesky tree stump removal yourself. This project may pose some serious dangers and also requires some professional assistance with specialized equipment in order to remove the stump and roots successfully. Be sure to compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your region to get the best price possible.

    Size of Tree Stump

    The first thing that affects price is the size of the actual stump. Smaller stumps take less time and less manpower and, therefore, often fall into lower price range. These smaller stumps are going to take far less time and effort to remove on the part of the company that is working for you, making this a quick and easy job with a smaller price tag. Larger stumps are going to cost more and multiple stumps may end up costing into the $800 range.

    Ease of Tree Stump Removal

    Those stumps that pull right up out of the ground are going to cost far less than those that have to be cut or bored out of the ground. This means that the type of tree may also have an effect on price. Hard wood trees are going to cost more because hardwood trees are going to be harder to remove ultimately. On top of that, root systems and additional root removal will also affect price. Standard, straight forward tree stump removal without hard woods and extensive root systems are undoubtedly going to be cheaper to remove than others.

    Season and Specials

    Seasonal cost to remove a tree stump is also going to be cheaper than trees that are listed for removal during peak seasons. During summer, prices are much higher than during winter and fall, meaning that you can spend less if you have your stumps removed during an off season or while professional removal companies are running specials. Some companies offer discounts for multiple stumps and some offer discounts for those with coupons or easier jobs to complete.

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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £77
    Typical Cost £231
    High Cost £616
    Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.