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How Much Does Tile Roofing Installation Cost? Tile roofing installation has become increasingly popular in the last decade, and for good reason. There are many benefits to a tile roof that you do not get with ordinary shingle roofs. A tile roof is more durable, can withstand extreme weather, and lasts twice as long as a shingle roof. Many types of tile roofs have also been known to last up to 50 years or more. Another added benefit is that they are fire resistant, repel insects, and do not rot. Tile roofs have better insulation and save you heat and cooling costs. If you are considering the cost to install tile roofing, here are some costs, features, and factors to consider. Tile Options Tile can be either clay or concrete and shaped in many different ways. Terracotta clay, for example, is a very popular option because the color does not fade. In fact, over time, the color gets even darker and richer. It really comes down to what your personal requirements are, so be sure about what will work best for you. If you are not sure, consult with professionals near you for advice on what should work best for your particular installation. Firstly, consider a cost breakdown of some tile roofing materials: concrete: £3.08 - £6.94 per square foot clay: £3.86 - £7.71 per square foot terracotta: £4.63 - £11.57 per square foot Here are some tiles to choose from: Tile Type Per Sq ft Description Spanish £2.31 Wide water channels in between the tiles. Double Roman £2.70 Smaller water channels. Flat Shake £2.31 Made to look like standard shingles. Scandia £1.54 - £3.08 A Spanish tile turned upside down. Pantile £1.93 made of clay tiles resembling a flattened S with a visual ripple effect Barrel Tile £2.31 - £4.63 tapered, being wider at one end than the other. Often used on curved roofs French Tile £2.31 - £3.08 a reversed version of the Roman Double. This greatly increases water runoff Riviera £2.31 - £3.86 a copy of the Double Roman, the Riviera is a flattened where the Double Roman has rounded bumps Tile roofing installation requires technical knowledge and industry expertise. Should you be interested in this type of service, begin by comparing several quotes from reputable industry professionals in your area to ensure you get a price relevant to your region, and then begin to check their references.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Tile Roofing? Tile roofing installation may cost homeowners anywhere between £308 - £771 per square. In roofing terms, a square is equaled to 100 sq ft. The average American roof size is between 22 and 26 squares, while steeper roofs may even be as high as 39 squares. On average, homeowners spend anywhere between £6,785 on the low end and £14,805, but in certain circumstances can approach the £30,844 mark with so many variables at play. Tile Roofing Installation Process Installation involves, firstly, removing the old roof. This will typically cost about £96 per sq ft. You will pay more if you have several layers of roofing installed over the top of each other. Underlayment will need to be installed or replaced to protect and support the tiles too. This will also be used to decrease sound inside your home. Underlayment averages about £46 per square and could total around £1,110 for an average 24 square roof area. Finally, tile sealer will be added to all the tiles to seal out moisture and openings between the tiles. Sealer goes for anywhere between £15.42 - £30.84 per gallon and 1 gallon should cover roughly 10 square ( 1,000 sq ft.).

Extras To Consider There are a couple of important factors to consider which may drastically influence your overall cost to install tile roofing on your house. Most tile suppliers provide free delivery, but should you live a long distance from the tile supplier, you could be charged £462 - $1000 for delivery. Also, if it is the first time installing tiles on your roof, remember that they are a lot heavier than wood or asphalt shingles. You may need to install roof trusses or supports for the extra weight being added. This can easily cost anywhere between £771 - £3,084, but in rare cases, it can even be as high as £7,711. Get In Touch With a Local Professional Tile roofing installation can add value to your property and save you money in the long term. If you are ready to install a tile roof on your home or would like an accurate estimate tailored to your specific property, simply place your home zip code in the space provided below. 100% Free Estimate Do so now, and you will receive a 100% FREE estimate on the cost to install tile roofing from registered local professionals. There\\\'s absolutely no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts whatsoever and it\\\'s also a great way to decide what will be possible should you be working within a budget.


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Low Cost £308 per square
Typical Cost £616 per square
High Cost £771 per square
Average Cost Per 100 Sq Ft
Prices will vary based on your region and several other factors. Get in touch with local professionals for a more accurate breakdown of the cost.