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Tennis Court Repair Cost

Tennis court repair is essential for private court owners. How much would you pay for proven and guaranteed repair work? We discuss the costs involved.

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How Much Does Tennis Court Repair Cost? Playing tennis is an excellent way to stay physically and mentally fit. It\'s also a sport that attracts players from all age groups and most cultural backgrounds. For the few who are fortunate enough to have their own private court, the issue of tennis court repair and maintenance will inevitably come into play. As one might imagine, the costs for repairing issues in the structural quality of a tennis court can amount to fairly sizable sums, but may also remain rather modest depending on the particular issue at hand. How Much Does It Cost To repair a Tennis Court? The final costs associated with any given tennis court repair will range rather drastically depending on the particular issue needing to be addressed. However, when it comes to the necessity of a repair, any tennis player will tell you that even minor imperfections in the surface of a court can drastically affect the outcome of a match. If you take your game seriously and wish to have a level playing field between yourself and opponents, regular professional upkeep of your court\'s surface is a must.

Generally speaking, the cost to repair a tennis court will usually range from a low $400 and up to as much as $3600, depending on the severity of the flaw being addressed and the type of surface in question. If you consider the various types of tennis court repair situations that could arise, you\'ll be more prepared for any repair bills. Generally, most American homeowners spend $1500 on their court repairs. The overall cost to repair a tennis court varies by these common problems: cracks fading resurfacing blisters or bubbles If you have your own private tennis court at your residence, its need for repair is probably why you\'ve been away from the game. Not only is a damaged court surface usually enough to bring a lover of tennis off the courts, it could potentially result in injury.

Cracks Your tennis court repair needs typically are a matter of fixing cracks. Not only is this the most common type of repair, it\'s also the most important to handle in a timely manner. Getting out in front of a cracked surface with a professional tennis court repair team can prevent more severe issues down the line. Fading The sun giveth and it also taketh away. If you aren\'t on top of the fading of your court surface, it can eventually become unsafe and also quite difficult to see the lines. A heavily faded surface will need to be resurfaced. Resurfacing You\'re going to eventually want to resurface your court every 3-5 years depending on the climate, type of surface and how the particular earth is moving where your court is situated. Fortunately, in the process of resurfacing, you can alleviate a number of issues all in one fell swoop. Blisters and bubbles These types of abnormalities on the surface of your court are among the more minor to handle in terms of cost and labor. Failing to address them when they occur, like cracks, can result in worsened long-term damage. Get a Free Quote What should you expect the cost to repair a tennis court will be in your area? We can connect you with select local professionals in your city. Simply enter your zip code in the space indicated and a vetted tennis court repair specialist in your area will be in touch with you. You can receive 100% FREE, no-obligation estimates on all your particular repair issues, as well as find out any likely costs associated with a repair.


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Low Cost $400
Typical Cost $1,500
High Cost $3,600
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