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Learn about the advantages of synthetic stucco siding and find out what it costs to install. Discover how the design of your home affects rates.

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How Much Does Synthetic Stucco Cost? Synthetic stucco siding gives homes an appealing southwestern style and offers several important benefits. Also known as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"acrylic stucco\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", you can choose between many different colors, and it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s relatively easy to install. This material also lasts numerous years and requires little maintenance. Synthetic stucco contains different substances that create more vibrant colors. It also lets homeowners select from a wider range of textures. Most people pay professionals to put this type of siding on new or existing structures. How Much Does It Cost to Install Synthetic Stucco? Materials usually constitute the biggest expense in the cost to install synthetic stucco. Unlike standard stucco mixtures that sell for around 28 cents per pound, acrylic mixes can cost up to £1.08. Synthetic mixtures generally add at least £460 to the total cost of regular stucco. The price of materials frequently exceeds £3,850. Contractors expect homeowners to pay an average of £35 per hour for labor. If workers need to remove existing siding from a building, this will raise the price by about £380. Labor rates cover the cost of buying and maintaining the necessary equipment, such as ladders.

Always try to use reputable synthetic stucco contractors. This is not always a simple DIY project. We recommend that you compare price estimates from at least 3 stucco installation experts before beginning construction. This way, you can get the best value for your money on the cost to install synthetic stucco. Factors That Affect The Price The dimensions of your exterior walls will probably have a greater impact on the total expense than anything else. However, the present condition of these walls can also make a difference. If they\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re in a poor state of repair, you might spend extra. The cost to install synthetic stucco also rises when your house has at least two levels or a porch. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s less expensive to put this siding on a newly constructed home or an addition as there\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s no old materials to remove or discard.

Synthetic Stucco Cost Breakdown Some people spend up to three times more for this service than others do. Prices typically start at around £3,000 per 500 sq. ft. This might cover installation on an addition or a relatively small new house. On the other hand, homeowners may fork over as much as £9,300. Synthetic stucco siding could cost this much for a large older building with three stories, a porch and window shutters. The walls might need to be repaired before an acrylic mixture can be applied. Across the country, people spend an average of £6,160 for this service. Nationwide estimates aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t particularly useful to homeowners in certain regions. Residents of Beverly Hills pay much different rates than people in rural Minnesota. Important factors include local material prices, travel expenses and the level of demand for stucco siding. The cost of living and doing business in a specific area will have an impact on these costs as well. You can get a more accurate quote by typing your zip code in the space provided. We\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll supply you with a FREE, no-obligation synthetic stucco estimate from reputable contractors in your area.


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Low Cost £3,000
Typical Cost £6,160
High Cost £9,300
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