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How Much Does Stucco Replacement Cost? Stucco is one of the most popular and efficient sidings on the market. They offer a balanced mix of value and cost giving homeowners an attractive way to finish their houses without breaking the bank. Since there are different types of stucco in the market, for instance, synthetic and acrylic, the cost to install stucco will vary widely from one scenario to another. Choosing the right stucco siding will determine how long it will hold before you have to do stucco replacement. When the time to do a replacement comes, you will have to understand the cost to replace stucco before setting out. Here are some factors that will determine your replacement bill. How Much Will It Cost To Replace Stucco? The cost to replace stucco will vary depending on the type of stucco and mode of application. Even though these are the primary cost determinants, each homeowner should consider project-specific factors before budgeting for stucco replacement.

Expect to spend an average of £3,850 per 1000 square feet in stucco replacement if you dealing with average priced stucco. If you hold the wall size at a constant 1000 square feet, the cost to replace stucco will vary depending on: they type of stucco you intend to use your local labor rates hence the hourly rates any local government regulations that require garbage disposal or building permits the market price of the stucco the complexity of your walls. The contractor will spend more time and skill working around complex fixtures, windows, and patios Most of the homeowners will spend anything between £1,500 and up to as much as £9,250 on stucco replacement. Analyzing your current stucco installation and basing your estimates on this will help you get a better cost estimate. Take some time to inspect your stucco replacement plan before hiring a contractor. You will have to figure out your current material price and even know the labor rates. The best way to find these out is by getting quotes from multiple contractors and comparing them for the best deals.

How To Keep Your Stucco Replacement Cost Low Stucco replacement involves stripping down the existing stucco covering. If you could do this by yourself, you could drastically lower the labor costs. You will reduce the work and prompt your contractor to work faster. The condition of your wall will, however, determine how much you will spend in preparing the wall for the stucco replacement. You will have to repair any underlying blemishes and structural shortcomings before the stucco replacement. This will not only make your home stronger but also ensure that you don’t blemish or damage your new stucco layer. Other Costs Naturally, stucco will assume a light gray color. This might not be your favorite color, so you may have to spend extra money in painting or staining the stucco. Adding oxide to the stucco mixture will give you a consistent and permanent color. However, if you want to experiment with more colors, you will have to let the stucco replacement set for up to six weeks before painting. Painting a 1000 square foot of stucco could cost you anything between £570 and £690. This will vary depending on the quality of the paint and the pattern you choose to paint. How To Get a Free Quote Simply enter your zip code into the space provided on this page for specifically tailored information regarding your area and the related cost to replace stucco. You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll get a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate which is a great way to decide what will be possible given your budget.


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Low Cost £77
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High Cost £690
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