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Storm Window Installation Cost

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How Much Does Storm Window Installation Cost?

Glass windows, though aesthetic and common, could prove catastrophic in a storm. They aren’t versatile enough to endure the raging wind and will shatter into splinters if they get a direct hit. The splinters pose a safety hazard whilst the exposed window will let in the elements and make your home more uncomfortable. You can mitigate all these dangers with a simple storm window installation without turning your home into a gloomy fortress.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Storm Windows?

Most storm windows are made of two reinforced sheets of glass or plastic material such as acrylic and Plexiglas. Even though reinforced glass windows could endure a storm, they are still expensive when compared to the acrylic and Plexiglas counterparts.

  • Expect to spend anything between £800 and £6,000 depending on your window sizes and glass type.
  • The cost to install storm windows made of cheaper acrylic composites will be lower since you won’t spend as much as you would when buying reinforced glass.

  • Most prudent homeowners will spend an average of £2,800 on their storm window installation.
  • Storm window installation can significantly improve your home safety and insulation. It is best to discuss this project with the pros and receive their installation estimates. Compare at least 3 quotes from experts before you hire anyone. This way you get a quality guaranteed installation at a fair price.

    Storm Window Installation Cost Breakdown

    The biggest investment would be on purchasing the actual storm window.

  • The price per square foot will vary depending on the material and your local market prices. You could spend as low as £69 or as high as £115 to buy modest-sized storm windows.
  • Labor charges will also vary depending on the expert and demand. Hiring a good professional will guarantee you a proper sealing storm window installation. You should, however, make comparisons to ensure that you get the best labor cost in your market.
  • The last expense would be on additional components like perimeter foam to create a water and airtight seam around the windows, fasteners and caulking. These will rarely cost more than £20 per window.
  • Other factors that could affect your overall cost to install storm windows include:

  • The condition of your existing window hence the necessity to rip it off or prepare it to accommodate the storm window
  • The storm window’s frame material. This could be wood, vinyl or aluminum
  • Additional fixtures like stabilizer bars and adjustable ventilation tops
  • Why Get Storm Windows?

    Apart from making your home safer during a storm, a good storm window installation project will:

    Provide insulation making it cheaper and easier to maintain a controlled interior environment Reduce the effect of street or storm noise and render your home partially soundproof

    How To Choose Your Window Installation Expert

    While storm window installation is relatively simple, getting the help of a professional will land you the specific tools needed to complete the job.

    Check out what the local market has on offer before going for upscale contractors.

    An independent contractor with a good portfolio will be effective and more affordable. You could even offer to help with the installation to cut down on the cost of deploying two or three laborers to get the job done.

    The alternative would be asking your hardware for a referral. Most hardware stores will link you to affordable professionals who will not only be highly skilled but also take charge of the entire procurement process hence making things easier for you.

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