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Storm Door Installation Cost

Storm door installation is a must for anyone interested in protecting their home from harsh weather conditions. Check out what you should be paying.

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How Much Does Storm Door Installation Cost?

While it is true that no house is 100% “weatherproof”, you should know that with proper precautions and certain additions, you can make sure that your home can stand the test of time while enduring some pretty harsh conditions. You could upgrade your windows, blinds, doors, siding, shutters or anything from a long list of options. However, if you live in an area where severe weather is common, having a storm door installation done is a cost-effective way to give you peace of mind. It’s just another element of extra protection that you will need to keep your home, and those inside it, as safe as possible.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Storm Door?

A storm door is an exterior door that is installed on the outside of your regular front door to protect your home from the elements. Storm doors operate entirely independently of the front door and create an insulating air space between the doors. A properly installed storm door will create a seal to prevent rain, snow and other weatherized elements from damaging your regular front door and entering your home.

Multiple Options

Just like with most home improvement projects the cost to install a storm door will be different and will yield a unique cost. Additionally, a wide variety of materials and options will affect the price and quality of your storm door. On top of that, there are options galore!

How about storm doors fitted with full view window panels to allow the exterior to be seen? What about storm doors with kick plates to protect the lower portion? Or, how about installing a door that is designed to be entirely removed and stored? There are also storm door with interchangeable screens for use during warmer weather, doors where you can add vents to allow more increased air flow, and doors with solar screen to help reduce fading on flooring or furniture due to sun exposure.

  • Storm doors also offer better security than normal doors, and you can add features, like a deadbolt lock.
  • You should validate the cost range for storm door installation by calling multiple professional installers and requesting multiple bids. You can expect the price quotes to vary, depending on work site considerations and individual methods. So, getting multiple estimates should provide you with a more clear picture of what your project will cost and will validate the national range for storm door installation.

    Cost Breakdown - So, just how much will it cost to install a storm door?

  • The typical range for professional storm door installation is in the region of about £300 on the low end.
  • The average cost that homeowners pay nationally is £300, but £450 is what you can expect to pay for more expensive projects.
  • Typically, a professional can easily and effectively complete your storm door installation in less than a day. Although, the time it will take for your unique storm door installation will depend on several factors.
  • If you have a straightforward installation, it will take a professional less time and therefore, it will cost less. However, if the installer needs to do additional work, like woodwork on the door frame, or making alterations to your existing front door setup, then it will take longer and cost you more.

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    Low Cost £230
    Typical Cost £300
    High Cost £450
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