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How Much Does Stone Wall Installation Cost? Stone wall installation will add to the functionality, aesthetics and security of your home. All you need to do is hire the right people for the job. Stone walls could prevent many things, from burglars to minor landslides on your elevated flower gardens. Even though many people will prefer small stone walls to create isolated spaces in the garden or create raised flower gardens, you could expand the possibilities and use the stone wall installation to achieve other things around your home. Your intent and size of the stone wall will always determine the installation costs. How Much Does It Cost To Install a Stone Wall? The cost to install a stone wall will range between $2700 to $4000 per 125 sq. Ft. The type of materials used and the wall design will always be the biggest determinant of your installation cost. Most homeowners will, however, spend about $3400 per 125 sq. ft. to install their stone walls. Normally, the majority of the bill will go into purchasing the materials needed for the stone wall installation. A more expensive natural stone chosen for the project can drastically increase the overall cost to install a stone wall. Additional material could include: Cement, sand and waterproofing cement Reinforcement steel strips and bars Decorative fixtures

Stone wall installation is not a simple DIY project – even to the seasoned masons. It takes a lot of time and labor to fashion the stones, let alone setting up the wall. Only a contractor with a full team of laborers and the right tools can pull this off. You will either spend too much on the project or end up buying tons of tools you will never need in future. Cost Breakdown The stone wall installation labor rates will vary depending on your area. Small and suburban communities could offer lower rates hence you might get a contractor willing to charge $10 per hour. Urban settings could escalate the cost up to $20 per hour. Getting a time frame estimate from the contractor will help you budget your project better. You could also go for fixed price contractors if you prefer working with a fixed lump sum. The rest of the bill will go into purchasing the construction material. Natural stone is priced according to its type. The type will affect the stone’s durability and availability. Looking at a couple of stones and assessing their qualities will help you get the best for your wall and budget.

Why Hire Professionals Apart from just having the manpower and the tools, stone wall installation contractors will know all the dynamics and how to accommodate them. They will know when to reinforce the wall, when to use a deeper foundation, or when to mix thicker mortar for more strength. They will make your walls stronger and safer. A properly built stone wall will give you a strong and durable structure that will adorn your property for years to come. A shrewd choice of natural stone coupled with the handiwork of a professional stone wall installation contractor will help you get the perfect wall without straying out of your budget. Free Estimate From Local Professionals Are you ready to get a price quote from a local contractor in your area code? Simply enter your zip code in the space provided to get your 100% FREE stone wall installation quote. A local expert is ready to help you. There\\\\\\\'s no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign a contract. It\\\\\\\'s that easy,it only takes a moment, and there\\\\\\\'s really nothing to lose!


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