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How Much Does Stone Floor Repair Cost?

Stone floors make for impressive décor. The graceful mosaics exude class and the irregular edges put your home, driveway or patio into perfect harmony with nature. Whatever design and shape of stone floor you go for, you will always have character and durability that surpasses any other form of flooring.

Even though stone floors are very versatile, you will have to run stone floor repair every now and then to maintain their pristine look and condition. The cost to repair stone floors will vary from one project to another courtesy of a number of variables.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Stone Floors?

  • The cost to repair stone floors will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the stone floor type. Most uk homeowners will spend around £460 on stone floor repair.
  • Expect to spend at least £230 on minor repairs and up to as much as £1,050 if you are dealing with major repairs or exotic stone.
  • The repair costs will mostly depend on:

  • The availability of spare rock to replace damaged ones
  • The extent and kind of damage on your stone floor
  • Labor rates offered by the contractor
  • Any other permits or material needed to complete the project
  • Common Types Of Stone Floors

    Natural stone exists in a wide range of colors, strength and patina. The more exotic the rock the more you will have to pay during installation and repair. Gemstones or rare colored stones are the most expensive while granite and limestone are more common and less costly. The most common stone floor types are:

  • Granite is the most common and most applicable stone floor in the market. There are hundreds of varieties and tons of possible finishes.
  • Limestone gives you that natural porous earthen appearance making it perfect for both outdoors and indoors provided it has the right sealant.
  • Marble is the sophisticated choice for formal places and sections of your home. It is stronger and more resilient.
  • Travertine is morphed limestone that could let you achieve the marble finesse at half the cost.
  • Slate will give you a rustic classy look and it is available in up to three colors. Its irregular shapes are a common appeal to people who want something different.
  • The kind of stone floor you have in your home will affect your stone floor repair costs. Some stones can be sanded and stained to achieve their pristine beauty. Others will need immediate replacement. If you have to do replacements, your cost to repair a stone floor will depend on how much you will have to pay for the required matching stone. Compare estimates from multiple contractors in order to take advantage of the best deal.

    Preserving Your Stone Floor During Repairs

    The equipment and the grout used during stone floor repair could be a menace to unaffected sections of the floor. Protecting your stone floor from debris and stone scratches is paramount. Cover sections of the floor with card boards and lay planks over high activity areas.

    Clean the entire floor thoroughly after the repair and if necessary seal the entire floor immediately after the repairs. Being cautious will prevent unnecessary damage from the heavy and high activity of repair contractors. Professionals, however, would already be aware of this and take the needed precautions.

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