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How Much Does Stone Countertop Installation Cost?

Stone countertop installation is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and can be seen in a growing number of homes. Stone is very durable and has many appealing qualities that make it a great work surface. In the past, there were a limited number of stone types available, but now there are options that will suit almost any kitchen design. But, how much would it cost to install a stone countertop? If you are looking into it, consider the following price points and breakdown:

There are many factors that will influence how much your installation will cost, but typically this price will depend on the following:

  • What size stone countertop do you need installed?
  • What type of stone do you want to have installed?
  • Are you using a slab of stone or are you tiling the surface?
  • Do you want any special edge treatments added into your design?
  • How many holes need to be cut in the stone? For example, if you have more than one sink or you need extra holes cut into the stone.

You should also consider how much abuse your stone countertop installation will be subjected to. Some stone types are more brittle than others and will not last as long as other types of stone. Consulting with a professional will ensure you make the best decisions for your new stone countertops.

What Kind Of Stone Is Right For Your Countertops?

In the beginning, granite was the most commonly used material for stone countertop installations. Marble was also a popular choice, though its high cost often relegated its use to smaller areas rather than across the entire surface of the counters.

Different stones vary in hardness and suitability for kitchen use. Additionally, some types of stone are only available in shorter lengths, which may not be ideal for areas requiring longer counters.

Here are a few considerations to help decide the best type of stone for your countertop installation:

  • Color: Stone color varies widely. If you have a specific look in mind, you may need to select a type of stone different from your initial preference.
  • Length: Certain stones, like soapstone, are typically available in shorter lengths. If seamless counters are a priority, these stones may not meet your needs.
  • Budget: The cost of working certain types of stone into countertops can vary. Some stones require additional work, such as sealing and grouting, to prevent stains or discoloration. Establish a budget to determine how much you can afford, then compare it against the installation costs for different stone types.

Considering these aspects will guide you in choosing the right stone for your countertops, ensuring they meet your aesthetic preferences, practical needs, and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Stone Countertop?

The national average cost for stone countertop installation in the UK ranges from as little as £2,000 to as much as £10,790, with most homeowners spending an average of £5,390. The final cost can vary significantly based on several factors. For labor, you can expect to spend between £23 and £77 per hour on a professional carpenter to complete the installation.

Stone Countertop Installation Rates Per Square Meter

Type of Stone Cost Per Square Meter
Marble £38 - £77
Slate £46 - £53
Granite £46 - £77
Natural Stone £30 - £77
Soap Stone £53 - £92

Despite the significant upfront cost, the durability and longevity of stone countertops can actually increase your home's value. Because this is an investment in your home, it's recommended to compare quotes from local contractors and check references to ensure the quality of workmanship justifies the expense.

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Useful Information

Low Cost £2,000
Typical Cost £5,390
High Cost £10,790
Your stone countertop installation costs may differ due to the several factors affecting for this type of installation. Get in touch with local professionals for a more accurate estimate.