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Stone Cleaning Cost

Waiting too long or failing to hire a professional to complete do stone cleaning in your home is a sure-fire way to attract harmful mold and odors.

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How Much Does Stone Cleaning Cost?

Stone is an attractive and popular choice for outfitting many areas of your home, but have you considered what will happen when it comes time to clean the various stone materials in your home? The final cost to clean stone sections of your home is going to depend on the type of material the stone is made of and where the stone that requires cleaning is situated.

Some common placements of stone cleaning areas in a home include:

  • floors
  • walls
  • kitchen backsplashes
  • countertop

How Much Will It Cost To Clean Stone?

Generally speaking, the cost of cleaning stone elements in your home is going to range a bit. This, of course, depends on the location and material of the stone as well as how much area of material there is that needs to be cleaned.

For most, the cost of stone cleaning, done well, is typically no less than £150, but can range as high as £800. The specific materials in question, as well as the size of the area, are each common variables in determining the cost.

While the cost to clean stone in your home will depend on the specific factors mentioned here, the average bill for most Americans will usually total around £460. But, this figure will vary in many situations.

There is no doubt that stone surfaces are highly attractive and versatile ways to accentuate an interior design, but if you were not prepared for the range of potential costs for stone cleaning work, you might end up frustrated and unsure of which provider to hire.

Hiring a stone cleaning professional is the best way of renewing the life of your tile and stone. For the best cleaning and maintenance, you need a pro with the right tools for the job. Experts can have your tile and stone looking better than the day they were laid. Compare quotes for a price that suits your budget.

Factors To Consider

The following considerations are some of the most common areas of confusion for homeowners when investigating stone cleaning for the first time.

Material type

You will find that natural stone is among the most difficult types of stone to clean and will therefore usually relate to the highest estimates. On the other hand, ceramic or porcelain tiles are likely to have far lower costs due to the type of material and the difficulty associated with removing dirt and stains from them.

Do not Delay

Waiting as long as possible to hire a professional cleaning company to perform stone cleaning is a sure fire way to ensure that the cost to clean stone will be higher. While professional stone cleaning companies have an approach that goes beyond home scrubbing techniques, including the use of special chemicals, time and dirt buildup can negate or adversely affect even the most professional approaches.

Grout Trouble Spots

While the tiles themselves can often be handled by the homeowner themselves, the grout areas of a stone design element often require the most diligent and trained approach. Professional stone cleaning companies have the ability to bring grout back to its original color and to also remove nearly all signs of mildew, mold, and foul odor. Failure to address a grout issue promptly with a professional stone cleaning provider could result in needing to entirely re-do the grout for a particular surface.

How To Get a Free Quote

Ensuring proper, effective and regular stone cleaning is performed on materials used in your design is crucial for retaining the luster and value associated with any upscale material.

Fortunately, by inputting your home post code in the space provided on this page, a select provides in your local area will reach out to you with more accurate estimates of the cost to clean your stones.

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