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Slate roof repair is necessary from time to time, so checking your roof regularly is important. But what should you be paying for this service in your area?

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How Much Does Slate Roof Repair Cost? It goes without saying that a functional roof is essential to a home. It keeps your house warm and protects it from the weather elements. Most people, however, go about their daily routines without paying much thought to the importance of having a solid roof over their head until, suddenly, they notice a water leak coming through the roof. The moment you see a sign of damage to your roof, say, through a water leak, you should take immediate action and call for a professional repair man. If left unresolved, roof problems quickly escalate and a simple repair job transforms into a very costly roof replacement. In this guide, we are going to focus on slate roof repair and its cost. Whats The Average Cost To Repair a Slate Roof? Slate roof repair varies from a small job of replacing a few slates to repairing almost your entire slate roof. Depending on the intensity of your slate roof repair, the cost may go from as little as £154 on the low end to as high as £1,542. However, most homeowners spend an average of £539. Factors That Influence The Cost To Repair a Slate Roof? Slate roof repair costs will depend on your repair scenario as every job has a different cost. The overall cost to repair a slate roof will be influenced by the following factors: slate replacement flash and slate repair ice dam repair size of the job

To replace a missing slate Missing slates is one of the least expensive slate roof repairs, but this depends on how many slates are missing. You should notice these when you are taking a walk around your home and find some slates lying on the grass or in the gutter. You may also see minor leaks which could be indicative of some missing slates. The of slates will be determined by the following factors: type of slate color size of the job condition of your roof pitch of your roof Due to the fact that your slate roof is quite delicate, it\\\'s highly recommended checking it on a frequent basis instead of waiting for a problem to occur and then start seeking help. Slate roof repair can quickly become very expensive, so call a roofing contractor immediately before the damage extends and becomes more expensive.

Flash and slate repair This is by far the most popular type of slate repair and occurs when your slate roof starts leaking around the roof penetration areas - that is, where the flashing occurs. In most cases, to address the flashing problem, you will need to remove the damaged slates and replace them with new ones. The cost will vary with the level of difficulty of the repair job. Ice dam repair This occurs when a slate roof starts leaking as a result of an ice dam which can be caused by the following: lack of insulation in the attic ceiling, wall or floor lack of appropriate underlayment at your roof valleys and edges The best course of action for this type of slate roof repair is to have a cold roof installed and fix the insulation issues to avoid a recurrence of this quite costly problem. Larger slate roof repair jobs For larger jobs, it\\\'s very likely you are going to need to purchase new slates, though you can also use reclaimed slates if they match to the type of slates on your roof. The cost will vary per section, but in general, when working on a large area, the cost per square foot becomes cheaper. How To Get Hold Of Professionals In Your Area The cost to repair a slate roof will depend on your locale. If you are in need of some professional assistance and would like to get an idea of what it will cost, simply enter your zip code in the space provided. Its 100% FREE, there\\\'s no obligation and absolutely no contracts.


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Low Cost £154
Typical Cost £539
High Cost £1,542
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