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How Much Does Single Ply Roofing Installation Cost? When faced with your home\\\'s single ply roofing installation, the first thing that comes to mind for most is \\\"How much is this going to cost?\\\" As with all home repairs, it\\\'s easy to be intimidated by the numbers, but it\\\'s important to understand how those numbers came to be. Below we will discuss the most popular types of single ply roofing and the related costs involved for an average 1,600 sq ft flat roof. This can be a great help for those of you budgeting for a new home roofing upgrade. What Can Affect My Single Ply Roofing Cost? When getting an estimate for your single ply roofing installation, it\\\'s important to remember that there are several factors involved in determining your final cost. These can include: Penetrations - When you have multiple penetrations in your single ply roof (like chimneys, skylights, roof hatches) it becomes more difficult and labor intensive to accommodate for these openings and maintain the roof\\\'s integrity. Curbing - It\\\'s reasonable to assume that the more curbs your single ply roof has the more flashing and materials your contractor will need to complete your installation. Materials chosen - Your cost can vary greatly depending on your preferences in materials and roofing needs. Labor - Different contractors charge different prices in various different regions. In order to make sure you get the best price and quality of work possible, it\\\'s essential to understand what options you have. Begin by getting more than one estimate, this way, you can get a better idea of the current pricing trends in your area.

Types Of Single Ply Roofing Material Not all single ply roofing installation projects are alike, and depending on your specific needs, material costs can vary. Membranes range in thickness from 45 - 90 mm. There are three main types of membranes to consider, each with their own varying costs. EPDM Rubber This is the most cost-effective choice and has a 5-7 year service life, but can last up to 10-15 years. EPDM rubber roofing offers great weather resistance and the ability to withstand thermal shock, frigid temperatures, and hail damage. The oldest and most popular of the single ply roofing options due to its relatively low cost and the fact that no special tools are required for installation. On average you could spend between £4.24 - £5.01 per sq ft installed. To cover the average 1,600 sq ft roof, you can end up spending between £6,785 - £8,019. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) The newest material in the singly ply roofing industry and is the second most popular material chosen by homeowners. Benefits include high puncture resistance, solar reflection, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and durability. Make sure to hire a reputable contractor who has been in the industry at least 15 years. This will ensure quality membrane formulations and a lasting single ply roofing installation. On average, a TPO membrane will cost between £4.63 - £5.40 per sq ft installed. The average flat roof spanning 1,600 sq ft can cost between £7,402 - £8,636. PVC This is a premium quality material that gives homeowners unparalleled protection against any breakdowns, deterioration, and leaks. In addition, 95% of UV rays are reflected and is considered the most durable of the 3 due to reliable material lasting 30 years or more. For most homeowners, the cost to install single ply roofing made of PVC membrane is on the high side. Due to its specialty materials, it requires professional installation which can also significantly raise the costs. Homeowners can expect to spend between £5.01 - £5.78 per sq ft installed. The average 1,600 sq ft PVC single ply roof will cost between £8,019 - £9,253. Comparing quotes from multiple local installers is a great opportunity to get a personal feel for your contractor. Compatibility can be just as important as capability.

Extra Costs To Consider When it comes to the installation of a new roof on your home, there is always the possibility of running into a few hidden costs. Here are a few additional considerations you may have to budget for. Item Cost Removal of old roofing £0.58- £2.31 sq ft depending on material and number of layers Penetration Flashing chimney, skylight, etc. £192 - £385 each, depending on complexity Pipe Flashing £38 - £77 each, depending on size Roof Drain £138 - £192 each Replace Damaged Plywood £57 - £69 each 4 ft 8 ft sheet (32 sq ft) Stainless Steel PVC Clad Edge Metal £5.40 - £6.17 linear ft. Recommended for homes in coastal areas. How Much Will It Cost To Install Single Ply Roofing? On average, there are a few things to include in your cost to install single ply roofing. The cost of labor will, of course, be a large part of your estimate, so have a discussion with your contractor and make sure the labor charges include insulation, tear-off, and other additional costs so that there aren\\\'t any surprises once work begins. Most roofers will charge £1.54 - £2.31 per sq ft, and you can expect a 1,600 sq ft roof to take roughly 3 days of work. This should place your labor costs anywhere between £2,621and £3,701. Materials can vary anywhere from £4.24 to as much as £5.78 per sq ft or more depending on the size and complexity of your single ply roofing installation. So, to put it in perspective, for a 1,600 sq ft roof, your cost could range anywhere from $8,800 to as much as £9,253 or more to install your single ply roofing. It\\\'s quite possible that for roofs larger than 3,000 sq ft your contractor will give a 3-7% discount on installation. How To Get a Free Quote If you would like more information about single ply roofing installation for your home, or want to take advantage of an absolutely, 100% FREE estimate from a professional in your area, simply enter your zip code in the space provided on this page. Of course, this professional consultation comes to you with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. Take advantage of our no cost, no obligation estimate today and get connected with a local contractor for the lowest cost to install single ply roofing.


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Low Cost £6,785
Typical Cost £8,019
High Cost £9,253
Average Cost Per 1,600 Sq Ft Roof
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