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How Much Does Sign Installation Cost? Signs are both informative and decorative. A good indoor or outdoor sign will brand you and decorate your space in a more personalized way. You should always let the professionals handle sign installation – especially if you are dealing with permanent lighted or neon signs. Temporary banner signs or non-lit signs are easier and cheaper to install. The more attractive or complex the sign the more you will pay to have it installed. The cost to install a sign should balance with the impression you want to make. The best signs should always resonate with your business’s belief and dedication to serving the client to the fullest since most clients and customers will use it to judge you. How Much Does It Cost To Install a Sign? Even though the cost to install a sign will range from £77 to £771, most contractors will change the pricing depending on the number of letters, material and additional features to the design. For instance, you could pay £15 per square foot of custom steel sign and pay £7 per square foot for the same sign made of plastic. The least expensive sign installation jobs will make use of cheaper material like urethane. If you want permanent lighted signs, be ready to part with more money per square foot. Most sign installation contractors will charge you up to £23 per square foot of regular lighted signs and anything from £154 per square foot of neon-lit signs. Remember, if you are going to choose professional sign installation, you should compare at least 3 quotes from contractors in your area. It\\\\\\\'s the only way to ensure you get the best deal possible. Professional installers will be able to maximize your savings right from the start of the project.

Factors That Will Influence The Cost To Install a Sign While over-the-counter signs could sometimes get the job done, they are too generic and won’t be as amazing as custom signs. The cost to install a sign specifically designed for your business will factor in design and fabrication costs. Complex designs with complicated shapes and fonts will cost you more. Colored signs are typically more expensive than black and white signs. The number of words and total size will determine the sign installation cost. Lighted signs require dedicated lighting circuitry that will cost more to design and install. Temporary signs, for instance, event signs, are the cheapest as they are made of light and cheap material. These could cost you as low as £77. Most business will spend an average of £308 if they can strike a balance between durability and complexity. High-end lighted or neon signs will, however, cost as much as £771.

How To Keep Your Sign Installation Costs In Check Even though custom designs look better and are more authoritative, you can save money by basing your design on stock elements. Pre-designed customs like specific alphabet fonts and business specific symbols will be cheaper than defining your own standards. Ordering in bulk could fetch you a discount. If you will need future sign installation jobs, consider buying more than one copy of your sign. This will help you save in the long run. Focus on highly editable sign designs. This will cut you some leverage when editing or refurbishing your sign in the future as you won’t have to do a new sign from scratch. Sign installation by professionals will give you impressive signs that will last long. This is especially important in fixed installations. Moreover, on professional sign installation professionals can set up outdoor signs that comply with your local sign safety and regulation requirements. How To Get a Free Quote Are you interested in having a new sign professionally created for you? Why not get your custom sign installation quote today! Simply enter your zip code in the space provided and you will receive 100% FREE no-obligation quotes from professional sign installers near you. Give it a try!


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Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £308
High Cost £771
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