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How Much Does Shades Installation Cost?

Window shades are both functional and aesthetic. They give your windows a unique and interesting looking while keeping your privacy at its best. Using the right window shades could also regulate the sun and help you manage your room temperatures without running the AC.

With so many design and material options on the market, the cost to install some shades will vary depending on what you fancy. Here is a brief cost explanation and some average installation cost estimates.

How Much Will it Cost To Install Shades?

If you are installing simple and functional shades on smaller windows, you should expect to spend anything around £150. These will mostly be stock shades made of cheap but versatile material.

Most of the homeowners expect to spend around £530, whereas the most exotic or large scale projects going for up to £1500.

If you are considering shades installation, start by comparing estimates from contractors who offer this service.

Cost Breakdown

The cost to install shades is always related to the material, design and size of your window shades. If you go for premium material, expect to pay more per square foot. If you choose to work with complex automated or motorized shades, you will incur extra costs on the motor and any of the automation circuitry in the shades system. Here are some of the most common types of shades and how much it would cost you to install them on a 27-inch window.

  • Honeycomb or cellular shades will go for anything between £23 and £38
  • You will pay £42 to £57 for pleated shades
  • £69 to £115 for woven wood shades
  • Most of the money spend on the project will go into purchasing the shades and any accompanying accessories. Most of the shades installation contractors will charge you anything between £7.50 and £15 per window. Note that the labor charges are always bound to change with regard to your location and local demand. It is highly recommended that you compare at least 3 estimates before you commence with any installation.

    Motorized or Mechanical Shades

    With most people embracing home automation, the prospects of having shades that can open and close themselves is quite tempting. In this case you will have to choose between on-location, remote controlled and smart motorized shades.

    On-location motorized shades have a switch that will roll the shades. These are only reasonable if you are dealing with big shades that are hard to handle manually

    Remote controlled shades could use an infrared or Bluetooth remote and you can operate them from a distance

    Smart shades will tap into your home automation system and receive input from your automation settings Mechanical shades have less failure points. They are cheaper and easier to maintain.The only difference is that you will always have to open or close them using a cord.

    Other Factors that Will Consider The Installation Cost

    A couple of trick will help you keep the shades installation costs as low as possible. Some of these will range from preparing your windows for the installation to using clever vinyls to mimic the exotic look of wood.

    You could also cut on the costs by:

    • Purchasing all your window shades from one supplier might earn you a discount
    • Getting a custom quote on uniquely shaped bay windows, french doors or picture windows will help you save by making the right purchase

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