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Home security installation could be more difficult than you first imagined. Heres a breakdown of what the professionals will charge you.

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How Much Does Security System Installation Cost?

There are thousands of security systems on the market, and while few of them are identical. After all, when you are aiming for security system installation, flexibility is the only way to finding the system that meets your specific, unique requirements.

Unfortunately, for many people, choosing a new home security system can be a complex and daunting task. Making that all-important decision on which system will guard and protect everything you value ( including your loved ones ) should leave you with a sense of security...not confuse you. Once you have picked a security system, you should have peace of mind...not uncertainty.

Well, given these statistics from the home office, it only makes sense that you take a proactive approach to your home security, and understanding what your exact needs are is the key to calculating your budget.

Several factors have to be taken into account, however, before you will arrive at the final cost to install a security system.

Which Home Security System Do I Need?

If you have been scratching your head about what security system to get, get real about what your expectations are. A home security system installation can offer so much more than just an alarm to scare off intruders.

Todays home security installations offer technologies which not only provides security, but helps you manage aspects of your home such as energy usage, ambiance, and comfort. Home automation is capable of actions such as opening and closing your blinds, turning lights on, regulating room temperature, locking or unlocking doors remotely, and so much more. Knowing exactly what is possible will help you make an informed choice.

Special Considerations To Keep In Mind

Homes are different in design and build standards, which will ultimately influence the cost to install a security system. Special considerations may be required, and this includes things like:

  • Pets cause false alarms.
  • Outbuildings like garden sheds and storage sheds are prime targets for burglars.
  • Detached garages are full of valuables.
  • Visibility issues from tall shrubs, for example, make a home an easy and inviting target.
  • DIY can be great when it’s applied to kids crafts or small scale projects or hobbies, but are you ready to gamble on the daily security and safety of you and your family by doing your own security system installation?

    How Much Will It Cost To Install a Security System in My Home?

    Prices will vary depending on the extent of your installation alongside other factors such as regional pricing trends.

  • Homeowners can expect to pay as little as £77 to install new security. This will cover very basic security upgrades like changing door locks, adding new security latches and more. However, you should expect to spend anywhere between £269 and £693 for a normal sized home.
  • This does not include the monthly fees that security companies charge, which amounts to roughly £385 annually. If you are serious about upgrading your home security for an average property, be prepared to pay in the region of about £1,156 - £1,696.
  • Contracts and Warranties

    Contracts with security companies do vary considerably. While some contracts require a specific length of time before you can opt out, others are more forgiving. Owning your system outright is an important consideration to make, so it is prudent to shop around and see which companies offer the most flexible services with the least amount of hassle.

    Most security systems also come with a three-month warranty. If the system fails after 90 days, you are responsible for fixing it.

  • If you want long-term coverage, you may choose to pay about £92 - £123 for an extended cover which should cover service calls and replacement parts. Also, keep in mind the annual monitoring fee of £385.
  • Remember, every installation is different, and you need to ensure your system is in perfect working order from the start. A qualified professional will come in, install the system, the sensors, and get out. Any troubleshooting or other minor issues can be dealt with there and then. Compare estimate from experts in your area and check their references before you commence with any installation.

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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £77
    Typical Cost £539
    High Cost £1,696
    The cost to install a security system will depend on your own personal requirement. Reach out to professionals near you for a more accurate estimate of what you will be paying.