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For tricky surfaces covered in old paint or rust, hiring a sandblasting service is usually the answer. Before deciding, be sure to find out the cost.

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How Much Does Sandblasting Cost? Stripping certain materials off of the exterior of your home may require a more abrasive technique than simple sandpaper or Dremel tools. That\'s where sandblasting comes into play. You\'ve probably already been made aware that utilizing a sandblasting service could be the key to helping you remove old paint or rust from a surface. If you suspect that hiring a professional If you suspect that hiring a professional sandblasting service might be expensive, you could be right. The best way to determine whether the sandblasting cost estimate you receive will be justifiable given your exact need is to consult local professionals. Various considerations can have an effect on the costs involved with employing professional sandblasting service specialists. These variables include where you are looking to get the service done, the type of surface in question and what safety precautions need to be taken for the workers. Before you go ahead and have any work done, be sure to compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your locale. This will ensure you get a fair localized price. Once you have the quotes in hand, check references. Remember, the cheapest deal isn\'t always the best one.

How Much Will Sandblasting Cost? Generally speaking, the sandblasting cost estimate you\'ll receive will likely run the gamut between $400 and $4000. Fortunately, the cost is closer to the minimum, with $1100 being the average invoice in most cases. Considerations prior to choosing sandblasting: The large spread in price goes to show you just how much precaution and specialized equipment is often needed to ensure the job is done well and that those performing the sandblasting service are protected. In terms of protection, there are various concerns when choosing to sandblast a surface. Inhaling particles from the sandy water and the paint particles that comes off of your surface can be hazardous. The actual pressure that is released from a sandblasting jet is powerful enough to break the skin and harm those in the way of it. Failing to hire a professional sandblasting service can easily result in the destruction of targeted surfaces due to applying too much sandblasting to any given area. It certainly can\'t be overstated just how necessary the hand of a professional is when opting to have sandblasting done at your property. A qualified sandblasting service is a great way to make the job go faster and help leave you with a more smooth and uniform surface than other methods may provide. Don\'t get too wrapped up in the upside of sandblasting and forget that hiring a professional sandblasting service is a far better choice than trying to rent equipment and perform the work yourself.

How To Get a Free Quote To Compare Once you\'ve decided that contracting with a professional sandblasting service is a distinct possibility for your situation, it\'s time to get estimates from your local providers. Simply enter your zip code in the form provided on this page and qualified sandblasting professionals will contact you with a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate. Once you know exactly what the costs are to perform the services, you\'ll be able to determine if sandblasting is the best option for you. Remember, it only takes a moment to fill in your zip code, and your estimate will be for FREE.


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Low Cost $400
Typical Cost $1,100
High Cost $4,000
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