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Rug Cleaning Cost

Rugs are beautiful pieces of art we display in our homes, but rug cleaning is often done off-site as steam cleaning simply is not enough in some cases.

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How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost?

Carpet and rug cleaning is something that everyone with carpets deal with from time to time. This process can seem challenging, difficult, or even impossible at times, but with the right information anyone can find the right cleaner and services. Carpets become very dirty with everyday use so cleaning is a must to both extend the life of your carpet and rugs and help make your home fresher and cleaner. Sometimes, however, it i not as simple as getting a contractor to come to your premises, and the work cleaning has to be done off-site. The biggest and most important reason rugs should be cleaned off-site is a quick steam cleaning may remove surface dirt, but thoroughly cleaning requires more time.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Rugs?

When a rug if taken off-site to be cleaned it will go through the following processes:

  • inspection
  • vacuumed
  • dusted
  • cleaned with rug wash
  • dried out in a humidity and temperature controlled
  • drying room
  • detail and fringe cleaning
  • This process can take up to 7 days with steps taken every day.

The overall cost to clean rugs will vary depending on several different factors.

It is always helpful to ask for prices and typical services to estimate just how much your rug cleaning is likely to cost before you commit to it. Be sure to compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your area in order to get the most competitive price out there.

The first is, naturally, how large is the area that needs to be cleaned? A small rug can cost as little as £77 to have fully cleaned. Larger rugs are going to cost more, but can still fall into the low-cost category, depending on what company you choose.

Another factor you may want to consider is how dirty the rug actually is. If the area you need cleaned is not all that dirty, you may not have to worry about a large cost either. Rugs and carpets that only need a light cleaning may cost as low as £77 or £150 to clean. Those areas that are much dirtier or that have challenging stains or need deep cleaning will likely cost more to have cleaned and may cost up into the ?300 range.

The last factor you want to consider is, of course, the company that you are working with. Some companies run specials at certain times of year, if you purchase other products and services, or if you are having more than one rug cleaned.

Other Factors to Consider

Many companies will ask you what types of stains you have, how large the area is, and what type of cleaning you want to have done. The following will also make a difference in the price:

  • deep cleaning
  • allergen cleaning
  • cleaning up after pets
  • stains that are uncommon

Having your rugs cleaned is something that can freshen up your home and make everything look brand new. Take the time to consider the possibilities and see just what rug cleaning can do for you and for your home.

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Useful Information

Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £150
High Cost £300
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.