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How Much Does Roof Sealing Cost? Having your roof sealed is a smart repair. Roof sealing can save quite a bit of money when compared with installing a new roof. Newer roof sealing technologies mean that although roof sealing in lieu of replacement isnt a permanent solution, it can provide several years of safety and security, especially when undertaken before the roof has degraded substantially. Know the age of your current roof so that you can discuss the lifespan of existing materials with your contractor. If, for example, it is likely that youll need to replace wooden structural materials under shingling, sealing your existing roof may not be appropriate. Heres what you need to know if youre considering obtaining an estimate on the cost to seal a roof.

How Much Does It Cost To Seal a Roof? Surface material: Traditionally, roof sealing was a technique used only on commercial roofs, because they were the only roofing surfaces made of rubber. Over time, that rubber would become brittle with years of exposure to the elements, and roof sealing was considerably cheaper than replacing the full flat-roof surface. Now, improvements of the quality in sealants means that roof sealing is an option for your traditional sloped, shingled roof. slope: Note that the cost to seal a roof will be higher on traditional residential properties because the slope of your roof means you need a thicker, denser sealant to avoid runoff over time. Discuss this point carefully with your contractor, because a runny sealant, although less expensive, may find its way onto lower surfaces including vehicles and driveways below. Degradation of roof: The ideal time to look into roof sealing is when your roof is still solid, not when the shingles are blowing away in a storm. If you want roof sealing to last for several years, invest in it while your original roof is still in good condition.

The average cost to seal a roof can vary quite a bit based on the above factors. Roof sealing will run about £154 at the low end, £2,313 at the top end, while the average cost to seal a roof will run £693. As with any home repair, dont forget to ask about warranties and insurance. Request references before committing to a contractor. Get Your Free Estimate Remember that your location will have a big impact on this cost, so it would be in your best interest to speak with a local professional. You can get a 100% FREE estimate by entering your zip code in the space provided on this page. There\\\'s no obligation to purchase or hire whatsoever. Consult with a pro in your area!


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Low Cost £154
Typical Cost £693
High Cost £2,313
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