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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

Homeowners benefit in many different ways when they use professional roof cleaning services. Workers clean roofs by washing them and using various cleaning solutions and tools. They also avoid applying excessive water pressure that can damage roofing materials. In addition to tree leaves, this removes harmful substances like algae, mold and moss. This greatly enhances the appearance of a building and raises its resale value. This type of cleaning also helps shingles last longer by eliminating substances that cause them to rot, and it can even cut air conditioning expenses.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Roof?

Although the cost to clean a roof may be a substantial investment, it is important to realize that you are paying for many different things. This includes things like:

  • workers perform 100 - 320 minutes of fairly intense labor
  • use of specialized equipment, tools and safety devices
  • cleaning products
  • transport costs and more...

Cleaning companies must also have a license in most regions, and this adds licensing fees to their expenses.

Washing a roof is fairly dangerous, and contractors spend a considerable amount of money on insurance. We highly recommend you get in touch with roof cleaning professionals in your area and compare quotes to get the best deal possible.

Other Factors to Consider

The actual cost of roof cleaning may increase depending on many different factors. Contractors charge extra when buildings collect numerous leaves or salt deposits from nearby seawater. The same goes for roofs with thick moss or algae on them. Weather conditions, shading and trees often affect these expenses too. For example, a fungus is more likely to grow on shingles in a moist climate or a property with many tall trees. This is why people in arid places like Utah or Arizona typically spend less money to keep their roofs clean.

The design of a building also has a major impact on the cost of roof cleaning. Contractors will charge more if you have a tall home with multiple stories. They will need extra equipment and more labor. The roofs pitch makes a difference as well. Homeowners tend to pay more when they have steep roofs due to the danger. Workers need to take extra precautions to ensure safety. It increases the risk of an injury, so service providers must charge extra to compensate for potential insurance rate hikes.

Approximate Cost to Homeowners

The above-mentioned factors can cause the cost to clean a roof to vary by up to £530. Keep in mind that it costs more in some parts of the country than others. Contractors charge an average of £300 to perform this task. However, homeowners with small, easily accessible roofs may pay as little as £150. A steep, high or heavily soiled roof might boost the cost to as much as £600. Either way, you may reduce the expense by taking the time to ask for quotes from two or more reputable companies.

These figures give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay. However, it is possible to gain a more precise estimate by checking rates in your local area. This will help you determine if you currently have enough cash to pay for this cleaning service. You will also get a better idea of what a reasonable price would be.

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Low Cost £150
Typical Cost £230
High Cost £600
Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.