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Radon Removal Cost

If your home has tested positive for radon, find the average cost to remove radon from your home by professionals and get your free estimate.

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How Much Does Radon Removal Cost?

Radon is a silent, radioactive gas that can commonly be found in both older and newer homes. You can not see, smell, or taste radon and it can move through both air and water. This gas occurs naturally and is a result of decaying uranium deep within the soil and earth. Exposure to this gas can lead to headaches and even shortness of breath.

Long-term radon exposure can lead to even more severe health risks including lung cancer. If your home has tested positive for radon, it is imperative to you and your familys safety that a professional radon removal team is brought in.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Radon?

Radon removal can cost a homeowner anywhere from £385 up to £1,079 depending on various factors. Factors influencing the overall cost to remove radon can include regional location and size of the project. The average homeowner usually incurs a cost of £693 for a professional radon mitigation.

This mitigation can include a variety of removal techniques which will affect your final cost to remove radon. And, depending on your unique situation, can include:

  • sealing the home
  • home pressurization and depressurization
  • ventilation
  • Finding the right professional for radon removal is essential. A knowledgeable contractor ensures that the job is done correctly while their experience in this field prevents any costly mistakes that can ultimately affect your bottom line. We recommend you compare at least 3 estimates from local professionals to get the deal you want.

    What Can I Expect During My Radon Removal?

    Homeowners can expect material costs to include the use of specialized equipment. In most cases, a permanent sealing of your home is necessary. This prevents further infiltration of radon gas. However, in newer homes, this process should be done regularly due to the time it takes for your home to settle.

    Pressurization and depressurization are radon removal techniques that include the use of industrial fans and vacuums which are used to move air through your home and ultimately out of the home as outdoor air is moved into mitigate the effects of this gas.

    Homeowners can do their part to encourage lower radon levels in their home by using natural ventilation regularly. By opening windows and doors, you are allowing fresh outdoor air to move throughout your home, which can temporarily reduce the levels of radon gas in your home.

    How Can I Find a Professional In My Area?

    By simply entering your postcode, you can be connected to experienced and skilled professionals in your area who specialize in radon removal. You can take advantage of an absolutely, 100% FREE estimate from a local professional with zero obligation.

    Find your local professional today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your radon removal project is done right with an experienced local expert.


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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £385
    Typical Cost £693
    High Cost £1,079
    Please consider prices differ greatly depending on location and specification. For an accurate price, please speak to one of our specialists in your area today.