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Radiator Repair Cost

If your home uses a radiator for heat, radiator repair and servicing is needed occasionally. How much does professional advice and skill on the job cost?

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How Much Does Radiator Repair Cost?

Radiators are typically found in homes built prior to the 1950s. They heat the home by circulating hot water through a series of coiled pipes and then the heated pipes radiate heat into the room. In order for a functioning system to work properly, adequate space must be left open around the radiator itself to allow the heat to flow through a room. Various types of radiator repair will still be needed over the years which will maintain efficiency and keep your system in great working condition.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Radiator?

The type of radiator repair you need will vary from one instance to the next, but the cost to repair your radiator usually ranges between ?77 and on some occasions up to as much as ?693. The average radiator repair job will cost ?308. The primary determining factor affecting the final cost is the type of radiator system you have.

Other relevant factors include the age of the system and the age of your home. In some cases involving older systems, due to unavailability of parts, replacing the system with a new unit might be more cost effective than a repair.

Different Types Of Radiating Heat Systems

  • hot water radiators
  • steam radiators
  • convection heat radiator systems
  • Especially in the case of steam radiating systems, it really pays to have a professional perform the diagnosis and the work. If you avoid taking the proper precautions when servicing the system, it is actually possible to hurt yourself by coming in contact with either boiling hot water or pressurized hot steam, the latter being harder to predict and avoid. Also, specialized radiator repair tools are needed to service and diagnose a radiator problem. Pipe wrenches, groove joint pliers and strand packing clips are all common parts of a radiator repair service call.

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    Useful Information

    Low Cost ?77
    Typical Cost ?231
    High Cost ?693
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