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Radiant Floor Heating Repair Cost

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How Much Does Radiant Floor Heating Cost?

Many homeowners are adopting radiant heating systems thanks to their efficiency. With the installation costs going down each year, more and more homes are crossing over and installing some form of radiant heating system. Since the installation is quite involved, most people will worry about the repair and maintenance costs long before they begin the installation. Even though most of the installation cost and labor goes into installing the shielding concrete and drywall layers, radiant floor heating repair could be quite costly if the damage is extensive.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Radiant Floor Heating?

The cost to repair radiant floor heating varies depending on three main factors:

  • Location of the damage
  • Extent of the damage
  • What parts of the system are affected by the damage
  • Expect to spend as little as ?77 on minor repairs and up to ?771 to fix bigger problems. Most of the homeowners will, however, spend an average of ?308 on radiant floor heating repair. If your radiant floor system is installed properly, you wouldn’t have to worry about the underfloor tubing unless something tears through your floor. If you use your floor naturally, it would be almost unheard of to subject damaging pressure to the underfloor tubing.

    You should also contract a maintenance team to run frequent checks on your radiant heat system to ensure that there are no leaks and it is working optimally. Identifying and addressing leaks in advance will not only help you prevent the damage from spreading but also keep the integrity of your concrete floor.

    Common Radiant Floor Heating Problems

    Cracks in the floor concrete are the biggest menace to your radiant floor heat system. If the cracks go across the tubes in the copper radiant plate, they will expose the delicate copper to unexpected strain forcing it to anneal and split. This, however, could take anything between 25 and 50 years to occur on most concrete floors.

    Copper tubing radiant plates are repairable since the ‘closed loop’ design of the plate protects the copper from electrolytic degradation

    Steel systems will need replacement once they begin leaking as this offsets a chemical reaction that will jeopardize any repairs.

    How To Keep Your System Working Well For Longer

    The secret to keeping your radiant floor heating repair bill at the bare minimum is by ensuring that the system is installed right in the first place. Most of the problems and leaks will arise from incompetent installation. Combating crack formation and insulating the radiant plates well will discourage any correction and ruptures.

    How To Get The Best From Your Radiant Floor Heating

    If you use your system well, the utility bill savings you make will be more than enough to cover the cost to repair radiant floor heating. The radiant heating system works by releasing small amounts of heat into the room and raising the ambient temperature gradually. Any insulation material on the floor will hinder its performance.

    Avoid using wall to wall carpets as they will slow the heat flow. Go for area rugs that leave large patches of the floor uncovered. You should also refrain from using insulating floors like vinyl or hardwood floors.

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    Low Cost ?77
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