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How Much Does Popcorn Ceiling Installation Cost? Popcorn ceilings also referred to as acoustic ceilings, is a special type of treatment that is either sprayed or painted on. Popcorn ceiling installation was extremely popular in the 1980s, and in the past few years have regained some favor, even if the appearance is very similar to that of cottage cheese. While the older types of these ceilings contained hazardous asbestos, the newer options do not, and they still provide some of the most appealing noise reduction benefits of all. How Much Does It Cost To Install Popcorn Ceiling? The average cost to install popcorn ceiling is £550. On the low end it will cost approximately £500, and the high end £600 for 500 sq. ft. There are a number of factors that will go into determining the final cost to install a popcorn ceiling. Factors to keep in mind include: amount of space that needs to be covered labor costs how accessible is the workspace Popcorn ceiling installation in a new home will be much easier than in a remodel, simply because many of the other systems and furniture are not yet in place, so speak to your architect about your preferences. If you are interested in having popcorn added to your existing structure, be sure to compare several quotes from reputable contractors, ask for references, and view previous projects they have been involved in whenever possible.

Factors to Consider The labor that goes into creating the popcorn ceiling is a huge factor in the final cost to install popcorn ceiling. The workers will have a number of tasks, which include: acquiring the materials planning the job preparing and protection for the area setup and cleanup For the average home, this is expected to take around 6.4 hours, but can be increased or reduced by the ability to access the space and the size of the ceiling to be treated.

Advantages of Popcorn Ceiling Installation There are quite a few advantages offered by installing popcorn ceiling. The most appealing factor is that it can effectively hide any imperfections in the ceiling. While a non-textured, flat finish can often look nice, preparing this type of surface and finishing it without visible blemishes can be quite challenging. This is a type of ceiling treatment that was popular for new home builds in the past because it was affordable and easy to install. It was also a better option than paint, because the popcorn can just be sprayed for application. Thanks to the noise dampening qualities, popcorn ceilings are ideal for homes with teenagers, businesses and apartment complexes. Contact us today by filling out your zip code in the space available and we will provide you with a 100% FREE, no obligation estimate from a professional popcorn ceiling installation in your local area.


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Low Cost £500
Typical Cost £550
High Cost £600
500 Square ft.
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