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How Much Does Pool Remodeling Cost? Over time, even the most attractive swimming pool will gradually deteriorate. Liners fade sometimes crack, ladders may break and the grout between tiles might become dingy. The style of a pool and the adjacent area could also become stale or outdated, and while it\\\\\\\'s possible to address these problems by replacing entire pools, this is a rather costly solution for some. Fortunately, pool remodeling offers a much more affordable and attractive alternative. Professionals can recondition a swimming pool by replacing the liner, polishing tiles, applying new grout and/or installing new materials in the surrounding area. It\\\\\\\'s also possible to add appealing new features, such as a waterfall. How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Pool? Because there are so many different repairs and enhancements to choose from, the expense of this project varies more than most other home improvement efforts, and the cost to remodel a pool will differ depending on the specific task. For example, labor will cost less to patch cracks than they make when performing excavation. Liner replacement labor often ranges from about £424 to £1,349. Materials also vary considerably based on your specific goals. You might want to consider the following additions: stairs slides waterfalls plants enclosures decking or swim bar equipment Homeowners pay £6,168 on average to remodel their swimming pools. If you spend this much, you probably have a fairly large in-ground unit with moderate deterioration. Some people pay as little as £1,542, especially when they own above-ground pools or relatively recent equipment and don\\\\\\\'t want to make extensive changes. On the other hand, a high-end remodel might cost as much as £16,193. Such a project would probably involve pool expansion, many new features, and/or surrounding the water with top-notch surfacing. Keep in mind that a remodeled swimming area will enhance your property\\\\\\\'s value. Pool remodeling contractors will be able to discuss all your options and make suggestions on how to save and get the best bang for your buck. Be sure to compare several quotes from professionals in your area, check for references, and view previous projects they have been involved in whenever possible.

What Factors Have an Impact on The Price? The following factors are the main factors that will influence the final cost to remodel a pool. size type and condition of pool extra features you desire materials you select The cost to remodel a pool is influenced by a tremendous number of factors. For instance, your choice of materials to place around the pool can make a big difference. Marble is more expensive than bricks or imitation stone. Supplies like grout and concrete could add to the total price as well. Another important consideration is the current condition of the swimming pool and its existing features. Generally, you\\\\\\\'ll spend more on pool remodeling on an older installation. Remodeling projects for in-ground pools also tend to cost more than those involving above-ground units. More complex work frequently raises disposal expenses as additional old materials must be hauled away. Location Another noteworthy consideration is the location of your home. Local differences can have a major impact on the price of such a lengthy project. Depending on the specific city or town, contractors pay different amounts for the following: surfacing materials heavy equipment construction permits insurance transportation costs Pool remodeling usually requires numerous trips, so regional fuel prices are important as well.

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