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Pool heater repair can be the most complicated job around the pool which requires a professional contractor. Get your cost breakdown here.

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How Much Does Pool Heater Repair Cost? If you are a homeowner with a heated pool, you are aware that, just like any complicated piece of machinery, regular maintenance is required to help stave off repairs. This will ensure that all parts of your pool operate smoothly and consistently so that you aren’t left dealing with pool heater repair. However, despite your best efforts, from time to time, a pool heater can break and will require additional service or repairs. This is due to the constant exposure to water for filters, heaters and other components, which can certainly lead to clogging and worse. If your pool heater starts acting up, there are a few things you can do to possibly determine what the issue is. With heaters that cycle on and off, filters may need to be cleaned or replaced. A dirty filter can be the culprit behind your poor heating. Or, if you are hearing some strange noises from your heater, that could very well be a result of debris, or even a faulty pressure switch. Additionally, you may simply just have an issue with your thermostat.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Pool Heater? Before you dive into your heater repair job, you should arm yourself with knowledge about what the cost to repair a pool heater might be. This can help avoid sticker shock once the bill arrives, because on average, homeowners spend around £308 to repair pool heaters. It it turns out that you need a major repair, or even a complete replacement, you could wind up spending up to £848 on the following: the unit labor necessary materials The price will also largely depend on whether you have the following: gas heater solar heater electric heater On the low end, a minor repair or tune-up can be as low as £77. You should definitely check to see if you heater is under warranty, as this could significantly reduce the cost of repair to you! There are several problems that may arise over time with you pool heater. If you remain unsure of what\\\\\\\'s wrong with your heater, call a local professional pool heater repair service immediately. However, be sure to compare at least 3 quotes before you commit to doing business with anyone.

Regular Maintenance Regular maintenance of all parts of your pool, including your heater, can dramatically cut down on repair cost to repair a pool heater in the long run, and possibly eliminate the need for repair altogether. Because your heater is continually exposed to water to ensure an even temperature, sometimes mineral building may occur. You should let a professional come and repair any issue you may have with your pool heater rather than struggling with cleaning out the mess yourself. Or, better yet, hire a professional to maintain your pool on a regular basis to ensure that your water is always properly treated and balanced. Doing all of this will help extend the life of your heater and other parts of your pool. However, if you determine the malfunction is minor and you decide to tackle the pool heater repair problem yourself, it is important to keep in mind that pool heaters are electrical equipment. And, electricity and water do not mix. STOP if you are unsure of what is wrong and suspend attempting to fix the problem yourself - it’s time to call a professional! You want someone who can repair your busted heater safely and efficiently. Professional help is particularly important in instances involving potential safety hazards like faulty gas or electrical components. How To Get a Free Quote Enter your zip code for a 100% FREE, absolutely no-obligation estimate for your pool heater repair from professionals in your area.


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Low Cost £77
Typical Cost £1,850
High Cost £3,469
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