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There\\\\\\\'s a great deal of enjoyment offered to pool owners during the Summer months but when the season ends, someone needs to properly close the pool.

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How Much Does Pool Closing Cost? It has been said that the finer things in life aren\\\\\\\'t free. It could be added to that sentiment that the finer things are hardly ever free from requiring routine maintenance either. Much like owning a boat, being the owner of a pool requires regular seasonal upkeep. Specifically, at the end of the Summer season, somebody has to take on the task of the pool closing duties. It would be great if all that was required was throwing a tarp over the pool and walking away until next year, but this is far from the case. Basic duties required in a seasonal pool closing effort: Water treatment: Everything from the water level of your pool going into the Winter months, its pH balance and the need to shock the pool all make up the regular, seasonal water treatment duties. Shocking consists of increasing the chlorine content to a certain level in order to keep ammonia and nitrogen levels in check. Filtration system upkeep: There are different types of pool filtration systems common to residential pools and each has different methods of cleaning and upkeep. Regardless of your pool\\\\\\\'s filtration system type, you need to be sure that it is addressed as part of the seasonal pool closing efforts. Draining: If you live in a colder climate that experiences sub-freezing temperatures during the Winter months, your pool will need to be either fully drained or minimally partially-drained as part of the pool closing procedure. Hardly any two pools are alike so simply because you\\\\\\\'ve had experience servicing a pool in the past doesn\\\\\\\'t mean that the pool you\\\\\\\'re attempting to close now will have the same needs and requirements. Reach out to professionals in your area, not just for some good advice, but also to compare estimates and get a feel for pricing trends in your area.

How Much Will It Cost To Close A Pool? If you know that you lack the skills to properly tackle your pool closing effort, you\\\\\\\'ll want to get price quotes from local professionals. The cost to close a pool ranges between £154 and £308 depending on the size of your pool and where you live, with the average pool closing cost being £231. Considering the relatively low costs for hiring a professional for seasonal pool servicing, you\\\\\\\'re unlikely to want to consider doing the work yourself. Why Hire a Professional? While it is certainly possible to attempt a pool closing procedure on your own, there\\\\\\\'s also a significant supplies investment and specific knowledge required to do a safe and productive job. Adding too much, too little, or the wrong type of chemicals to your pool can pose significant health risks to those who then swim in it once re-opened.

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Low Cost £154
Typical Cost £231
High Cost £308
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