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How Much Does Phone Jack Installation Cost? Although some people have entirely switched to cellphones or VoIP services, landline phones continue to offer important advantages. They deliver higher audio quality and greater reliability. Some types of calls are also less expensive. To benefit from these phones or landline-based Internet connections, it may be necessary to install a phone jack. You might also desire additional jacks so that you can connect computers or add a bedroom phone without running wires all over the house. It\\\'s possible to set up multiple outlets that use the same line or separate jacks for different lines. How Much Does Phone Jack Installation Cost? For this project, the phone jack installation cost is primarily devoted to covering wages. Labor expenses typically range from $75 to $175. This includes the cost of buying and maintaining various tools, such as: stud finders screwdrivers drills saws flashlights Numerous other overhead expenditures increase the price too. They range from transportation to office rental. Supplies add approximately $25 to the bill. They include wall jacks and RJ11 wiring. Caulk, clamps, screws or other materials may also prove necessary. To install a phone jack in your house may not be that difficult, but there are a few safety precautions you will have to take, and connecting it all up correctly probably require some professional assistance. Get in touch with local contractors if you are in need of some new phone jacks on your property, and be sure to compare quotes before you do business with anyone.

Five Factors That Adjust the Total Expense You\\\'ll probably need to pay more if existing wires are in poor condition or your dwelling doesn\\\'t have any telephone wiring. The same holds true when other wires or pipes interfere with installation. Some wall construction styles make it more difficult to install a phone jack, and labor fees tend to be higher in older homes. Another important consideration is the number of outlets you plan to add. The service may be slightly more expensive if you want the installer to divide your jacks into two separate lines.

Low to Average and High Installation Fees It\\\'s fairly common for homeowners to pay bills as low as $100 to install a phone jack. This should cover the installation of one jack in a recent home with easy access to the inside of its walls. Nonetheless, the average person can expect to spend in the region of about $200. You could pay this amount if you need two jacks and your home\\\'s design makes the process time-consuming. A few individuals get billed for as much as $400. This fee will cover the installation of jacks in a house with no existing telephone wiring or the addition of several outlets on multiple floors. Extra jacks may raise a home\\\'s resale value too. Finally, don\\\'t forget to consider your geographic location when estimating your phone jack installation cost. Relevant local factors include the following: travel distances average incomes business taxes hardware prices Get a Free Quote The current popularity of landline phones and dial-up or DSL Internet access may also affect the rates you\\\'ll pay. Rather than relying on the above-mentioned national estimates, you may request a more precise local quote for phone jack installation cost by entering your postal zip code on this page. You will be connected with nearby installers for 100% FREE estimate without any obligations.


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Low Cost $100
Typical Cost $200
High Cost $400
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