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We discuss the cost to build a pergola in detail as well as the factors which influence these prices. Get FREE quotes from local pergola builders.

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How Much Does Pergola Building Cost? Adding shade to an outdoor living space makes the area more enjoyable for family and friends. There are many ways to provide shade for your outdoor living area, one of the most popular is a pergola. This large shaded roof for your patio or deck with four open sides, not only increases curb appeal in your neighborhood but also increases the property value of your home. Are you considering hiring pergola builders to design an outdoor sanctuary where you can entertain, relax, or have dinner without the harsh damaging rays of the sun? This guide will help you understand the costs involved when building a pergola. How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pergola? The cost to build a pergola ranges from as little as £380 on the low end and up to as much as £5,350 on the high end. Most homeowners pay an average of £2,300 for pergola builders. This should include materials, labor, and assembly. Pergola builders may charge around £3,450 for putting together a ten x 12 ft pergola on a brick base. This would be in a kit and would include the labor and material. You could buy a kit yourself and save money but the job can be complex. It involves pouring cement for footings, laying out a floor base, and assembling all the remaining pieces. If you are unsure, rather hire professional pergola builders to get the job done without any hassle.

Cost Breakdown Let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s consider an example on the cost to build a pergola. Prices will vary according to season, location, and materials. This is a sample on the high end of the cost to build a pergola. Custom Wood (£3,200) build on site redwood or cedar 130 square feet local delivery included Labor (£1000) 40 hours install on base planning equipment gathering materials preparing area setup cleanup Wood Materials And Supplies (£38) 100 square feet fasteners hardware connectors Equipment (£38) pneumatic nailer miter saw jigsaw belt sander planer

Costs not typically included There are some items that are not normally included in the cost to build a pergola. If you hire pergola builders and they need to remove, repair or modify the surface, electrical, plumbing, or any other systems to make them compliant with building codes, you may incur additional costs. Typically, permits are not included either. Local building codes may require a permit to construct the pergola and an inspection of the beginning and finished product. If you hire pergola builders, they will be able to do that for you. Professionals will know what permits you need in your area. Construction materials Some pergola builders will offer a computer-aided design to customize your pergola and you can see how it will look in a given space. Here are some materials you will need to consider with regards to the cost of building a pergola: mounting kit pressure-treated wood inserts pressure-treated lumber concrete mix anchors lighting decorative accents boots (cover post bottoms) gussets (framing) fasteners/hardware How To Get a Free Quote Is it time to prepare your outdoor living space for spring and summer with a pergola addition to your backyard? The cost to build a pergola is cheap compared to the hours of shade and enjoyment you will enjoy once you have upgraded your deck or patio. If you would like a FREE quote from local pergola builders, simply drop your zip code in the space provided. Remember, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s 100% FREE, and there\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s absolutely no obligation to purchase or hire. Get estimates from professional pergola builders in your local area.


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Low Cost £380
Typical Cost £2,300
High Cost £5,350
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