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How Much Does Pellet Stove Installation Cost?

Pellet stoves are excellent sources of heat during cold seasons. They make one of the most flexible heating solutions for apartments, homes, and condominiums. Pellet stoves are affordable because of the reprocessed plants and wood materials used as fuel. In addition, the fuels varieties are readily available. Furthermore, these stoves are affordable and pellet stove installation is easy. Here is a breakdown of the cost to install a pellet stove as well as the factors which are likely to affect these costs.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Pellet Stove?

The cost to install a pellet stove depends on the styling details, size, of the stove, and the type of ignition. Other factors that may affect the cost of installation stove inserts and window mount units.

  • Most homeowners are willing to pay for a new pellet stove installation at an average cost of £1,770.
  • However, some people may spend as little as £840 for a stove with fewer details.
  • On some occasions, homeowners may pay as much as £3,050 for high-end stoves.
  • The only way you will appreciate the real value of installing a pellet stove is by breaking down the factors that influence these costs. Most of these costs are related to the hopper fed heating unit.

  • Efficiency: The cost range of freestanding pellet stoves is influenced by the differences in styles and size of the hopper as well as the ignition type. Bottom fed units require a lesser grade of fuel but are less efficient whereas top fed hoppers are more efficient because they use a higher grade of fuel.
  • Pellet stove inserts: The cost of inserts range from £1,150 to £2,300. Your choice here will affect the overall cost of the pellet stove installation.
  • Window mounts and installation costs: These account for £1,000 to £1,700. Homeowners can install some units on their own since no venting is required.
  • Ventless units are permitted in most states.
  • It is possible to receive discounts for the pellet stove you buy depending on the brand you choose. Look out for potential offers if you want to get a great deal or speak with a local professional. Compare quotes from multiple installers and ask questions so you have peace of mind once your pellet stove installation begins.

    Additional Costs To Consider

  • Apart from the direct costs associated with the hopper-heating unit, a complete pellet stove will incur more costs before it is considered fully functioning. DIY installation is possible but it will need a homeowner to purchase venting materials that will cost between £150 and £600. This usually depends on the length and direction of the vent.
  • In addition, you will need to buy a sealant that costs between £4 to £6. The cost of purchasing pellets also contributes to the overall fees of installing the unit. The average cost of these pellets per ton is £92 to £200, depending on the quality of pellets you want.
  • Safety May Increase The Cost Of Installation

    Using professionals for your pellet stove installation may incur a few additional costs but it will enhance safety. Experts can rectify any poor installations that may hinder your stove’s safety. Even so, the advantages of hiring a professional to install your stove exceed the cost. Your stove will last longer when properly installed. The trick is to find a certified and insured professional installer. Free Estimate From Local Professionals Enter your zip code in the space provided on this page to get your 100% FREE custom pellet stove installation quote from local contractors near you. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts and you will receive up to date pricing and information regarding the cost to install a pellet stove in your area. Speaking with a professional as well as comparing quotes provides an easy way to decide what is possible if you are working within a budget.


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    Low Cost £300
    Typical Cost £2,050
    High Cost £3,850
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