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Molding installation should always be done by a professional contractor. Here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s a cost breakdown of what you should be paying for this service locally.

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How Much Does Molding Installation Cost? Molding gives your home a unique and attractive look that resonates with your refined interior décor. Hiring a qualified (.1.) molding installation expert to take care of the project will give you the perfect look whilst saving you valuable dollars on material. The cost to install the molding will vary depending on a couple of factors. Here are some of the basic variants and price ranges for most of the molding installation projects. How Much Does It Cost to Install Molding? The cost to install molding will vary depending on the type of material you choose. This will influence the actual cost of purchasing the material and the labor needed to create the right mold. Consider the following: Polystyrene Polystyrene foam is cheaper to buy and work with. The cost to install polystyrene molding is relatively low. Medium density fiberboard Medium density fiberboard is also easy to work with and cheap to come by. It is less versatile than wood. Wood Wood is the ideal molding material. It’s cost will vary depending on the wood choice. Exotic woods are most hardwoods that are naturally expensive and hard to come by. You will pay more for these. Cost Breakdown The cost to install molding ranges between £300 and £600. However, since the overall bill is heavily dependent on the total length you want molded, most molding installation cost quotes are in terms of linear feet. Expect to spend an average of £450 on average projects spanning medium-sized rooms without using exotic wood.

How To Match a Room With The Right Molding While most homeowners will only be interested in the aesthetics, matching your molding material to the right conditions is as important as choosing the right patterns. Water resistant molding like polyurethane and PVC will be perfect installations to moisture prone places like the bathroom and exposed parts of the house. They don’t warp or rot when exposed to the elements. Aluminum and steel, on the other hand, would be perfect for heavy-duty outdoor molding installation. Think of all those points that you want to mold whilst giving them some structural strength. The innate strength of steel will help you accomplish this in a cheaper way. If you want something custom and unique, you will always have to hire a molding installation expert. Experts will use the raw molding material to create the perfect molding for your home. They will fit each peace neatly and fill off tricky edges better that you would have with a DIY project.

Brilliant Ways to Incorporate Molding Into Your Home Molding does not have to be aesthetic at all times. Ideal designs can help you incorporate some bit of functionality into the molding, hence, making your space neater, unique and more attractive. Some of the most notable things you could do with your molding installation include: Put some lighting under the molding to create ambient light to make your space warmer and welcoming. Hollow PVC molding installation will create amazing conduits for those obnoxious home theater and network cables littering your house. Use polyurethane molding with the right staining to cut down on the cost of curving exotic wood molding around corners. Comparing Free Quotes If you are interested in calculating the cost to install molding for your own home project, do your research and study well before settling for a molding material and installer. This will ensure that you get an amazing look without spending more than it was necessary. To start comparing quotes, you can enter your zip code on this page. Doing so will earn you a 100% FREE, no-obligation, localized molding installation estimate from experts in your locale. Remember, there are absolutely no obligations and no contracts attached to receiving this FREE quote.


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Low Cost £300
Typical Cost £450
High Cost £600
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