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How Much Does Metal Siding Repair Cost? There are many materials that can be used to cover the outside of a building. In the past, materials such as brick or stone were used. Now, however, an increasing number of homes are covered with metal sheets known as siding. While this material is durable it can be damaged or degrade over time. Consider the following factors affecting the cost to repair metal siding. These are common problems many American homeowners face when determining how much they will spend on metal siding repair. How Much Will It Cost To Repair Metal Siding? Metal siding is very popular because it is durable and affordable. If you need to perform metal siding repair on your own home, you will find that most of the estimates you get will range between £385 and £1,156. The average cost for metal siding repair ends up costing homeowners closer to £771. This price can vary because of factors such as: What kind of metal was used to make the siding. Steel will cost more than aluminum but will generally be more durable and will last longer Whether or not there needs to be any insulation replaced at the same time as the metal siding repair How much work is needed to fit the siding to the exterior of the building. If there are a lot of exterior features such as protruding dormers or sections, then the cost to repair metal siding may be higher How large the area to be repaired is and how much material is needed Whether you are painting the siding to match other material used on the outside of your home Whether you are also paying for disposal of materials that cannot be salvaged after the metal siding repair

You may want to speak with several repair technicians in order to find out what their costs will be. Make sure that they come out and view your home so that they have an idea of what the scope of the work will be. Compare quotes for the best rates that fit your budget. Experienced Installer Are Important You need to make sure you are using an experienced repair person to repair your siding or to replace sections that cannot be repaired. They will need to be able to remove the old, damaged material and assess whether there has been any damage behind the old siding. They will need to be able to choose the right insulation for your needs and add it as well if the old insulation is not in good condition. It is important to pick an experienced metal siding repair contractor because if there are problems with the repair work it can allow moisture to infiltrate your home from the outside in and this can end up causing a large amount of damage to the interior living spaces. Insects or animals may also be able to get inside your walls causing even more damage.

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Low Cost £385
Typical Cost £771
High Cost £1,542
170 Square ft.
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