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Thinking of new metal roof installation? These factors will help you determine the cost and eliminate any unwelcome surprises before you begin.

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How Much Does Metal Roof Installation Cost? Metal roof installation can do wonders for any home. Metal roofs are no longer made of just one material but many, making frequent roof replacement unnecessary. The cost of a metal roof depends on a wide range of factors, and knowing what factors to look for can prepare you for your project and help you determine your budget. How Much Does It Cost To Install a Metal Roof? Metal roofs can save you time, money, overall effort and they are great for increasing the value of your home. This quick upgrade is also more affordable than you might imagine. On average, the cost to install a metal roof is in the region of about £5,166. The 3 main factors which affect the cost include: size and pitch of roof length and difficulty of the job type of roofing If you are a homeowner and considering new metal roof installation, keep in mind that it\\\'s not a simple DIY task, and you will require a professional contractor with specialized skills to get the job done in the least amount of time possible.

Size and Pitch of the Roof Not all roofs are created equally and as such some have steeper grades, larger surface areas, and difficult shapes and features to work around. Those homes with larger roofs, difficult roofs to access, or with roofs that are going to pose a challenge for an installation crew can expect their bill to cost far more than the average home. Length and Difficulty of the Job The harder the metal roof installation is, the more your overall cost is going to be. Those that have a standard roof are not going to run into a huge bill because a basic installation is going to take about a week. Jobs that take longer are going to cost more as it requires a larger workforce. If you are having a waterproof membrane added to your roof, or having new insulation added under the metal roofing, you can also expect a higher price as waterproofing is generally around £46 a square foot.

Type of Roofing The last factor to consider is the actual roofing. There are various gauges of tin and steel that are used in roofing and they can change the overall price very quickly. Those roofs that are made of a thinner, lower quality metal are going to be cheaper. The problem with this is that they are not going to last as long. Thicker gauge steel and tin will cost slightly more, but is going to last longer while adding value to your home. These factors can quickly affect the overall cost to install a metal roof. Thicker gauge roofing is going to cost up to £11 per square foot as opposed to the average £2.31 per square foot. Compare a Free Quote Need a professional contractor for some metal roof installation at home? Enter your zip code in the space provided for 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate. Get the best price from professional roofing installers in your area now.


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Low Cost £3,855
Typical Cost £11,566
High Cost £20,048
1,700 Square ft.
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