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How Much Does Lawn Seeding Cost? Lawn seeding is an essential step in maintaining an existing lawn or establishing a new landscape. Traditional seed spreading is quite common because it is both economical and practical. Hydroseeding is another option which, although not as economical as traditional seeding, is quite effective for large or sloped areas. Hydroseeding is also excellent for lawns that are difficult to reach for seeding or watering. How Much Does It Cost To Seed a Lawn? The cost to seed a lawn depends on both the condition of the lawn and location of your home. The type of application may also impact the final cost. Most homeowners are fortunate in that they don’t have to start from scratch. Where you already have an existing lawn with only a small amount of dead grass, all you need to do is reseed it every few months or as recommended by a lawn expert to ensure that the lawn stays healthy all year round. The most difficult part here is to ensure that the new grass germinates and grows without hindrance among the existing grass. Your contractor might apply herbicide, cultivate, mow, and roll your lawn to aid smooth germination. Lawn Seeding For a New Lawn Lawn seeding for a new lawn is recommendable if you hav dead grass, weeds, and dirt patches than healthy grass. Here, you will be required to rip out the old lawn with a sod cutter and kill any remaining weeds before planting a new lawn. Reseeding is a little more demanding than overseeding. Preparation usually involves: raking soil amending rolling Prices will depend on the size of the lawn and the preparation requirements. If the seeding is being done on a new site, you need grade planning and topsoil placement as part of the construction process. These might drive up the final cost too.

A professional can test your soil for you, but this will add to the cost to seed a lawn. This may, however, be the only way to get your yard into shape and have a pristine lawn. If you are in need of a professional, be sure to compare quotes before you go ahead and have any work done. How Much Will I Pay? The cost to seed a lawn depends on the actual seeding activities. For example, if it’s an existing lawn, then there are two options; renovation or replacement. Renovation isn’t usually as expensive as replacement. In general, here is what you will pay. Lawn Seeding With The Help Of a Professional Here, two main factors affect the cost of seeding, namely: the sq ft area to be covered the type of grass to be used While you have a variety of options to choose from with regards to grass type, such options are usually limited by your location. Some of the most common types of lawn grasses include: Bermuda Fescue Wheatgrass Bahia Selecting the wrong type of grass can leave you with a “weak” lawn that wears out quickly, needing to be reseeded far too often. Bermuda and Bahia are best suited to warmer regions and are more tolerant to drought conditions. Tall Fescues are better suited to colder areas and tend to withstand more activity.

DIY Lawn Seeding If you’re doing it on your own, apart from the size of the lawn, you also need to consider technical skill and time demands as well as potential transportation costs. Low, Average And High Fees The prevailing national cost to seed a lawn as reported by homeowners are as follows: Minimum cost: £77 Average cost: £462 Maximum cost: £1,002 Most homeowners spend between $413 and $729 on seeding. Get a Free Quote If you would like a more accurate estimate of what professional lawn seeding might cost you, simply fill in your zip code on this to get a 100% FREE, absolutely no-obligation accurate estimate from local professionals.


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Low Cost £77
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