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Stone Siding Repair Cost

If you\\\'re experiencing damage to your stone siding, it\\\'s likely time for a repair job. Local masons will be able to assist you with repair estimates.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Stone Siding? Stone siding is an attractive and generally long-lasting way to adorn the outside of a structure. Unlike wood, it won\\\'t rot and unlike plastic or aluminum, it won\\\'t be affected by mold or mildew. That said, there are certainly some occasions where stone siding repair is needed. It\\\'s not usually the stones themselves that require repair, but the mortar that holds the stones in place. Minor or hairline cracks in the mortar of a stone siding array can often be addressed rather easily and cost-effectively for even a regular general contractor or mason. When the cracking is bad enough, the work can become more involved and actually entail removing stones, treating the area and resetting the stones in fresh mortar. Typically, a fresh layer of wire mesh will be applied behind the new mortar and stone arrangement to strengthen the application for enhanced durability during the stone siding repair process. How Much Will It Cost To Repair Stone Siding? Once you realize that you need some stone siding repair at your home, you\\\'re going to want to act quickly. As the situation remains left unaddressed, the damaged almost always worsens, causing the cost to repair stone siding to drastically rise until an entire wall of your structure may require replacement. When caught early on a repair job will only run you £385. A more difficult repair might cost as much as £1,002 whereas the average repair job comes in at around £693.

A stone siding repair specialist will be able to assess the extent of your damaged siding and provide an accurate estimate. The most common cause necessitating stone siding repair work is your home naturally settling. When the repair expert visits your home, they\\\'ll do some preliminary work to make sure that there aren\\\'t underlying issues with your home\\\'s foundation. Faux Finish Gaining popularity among builders and home contractors right now is the trend of using faux stone siding veneers, rather than applying actual natural stone. There are a number of distinct advantages and disadvantages of this approach, with ease of installation being one of the primary perks. Usually, it is more cost effective to complete the stone siding repair work in the manner in which the original installation was done, but with extensive repair jobs, the chance to convert to a faux finish might make sense.

Get In Touch With Local Professionals In order to get a better handle on your own specific degree of stone siding damage, you can employ the trained eye of a local stone siding repair expert. It\\\'s highly recommended that you compare several quotes from companies in your locale in order to gauge the current market-related prices and get a fair breakdown of the cost. Free Quote From a Stone Siding Repair Specialist Just enter your home zip code into the form on this page and a qualified expert will reach out to you with a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate for their labor and material charges. Remember, this offer is totally FREE and there are absolutely no hidden charges or any contracts. Simply enter your home zip code to get a free quote on the cost to repair your stone siding!


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Low Cost £385
Typical Cost £848
High Cost £1,002
1500 Square ft.
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