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Is your deck in need of a face-lift? Considering deck refinishing? You need to have a firm understanding as to what your final bill might cost you.

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How Much Does It Cost To Refinish a Deck

Deck refinishing is one of those things that have to be done periodically. Over time, natural elements can take their toll deteriorating the quality of your deck. From drying out wood, peeling off the finish, to areas breaking off due to rotting wood.

If you want to maintain a beautiful deck that is safe for use, having your deck refinished is important. But how much it is going to set you back? If you have a general idea of what the cost to refinish a deck will be, you can budget accordingly and you will be enjoying your new deck in no time.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish a Deck?

When it comes to calculating the cost to refinish a deck, there are several different elements at play. These factors directly impact the overall cost of your deck and what you need to anticipate paying. These factors include:

  • size of the deck
  • time of year
  • sealant type
  • when was your last seal

Remember, deck refinishing requires the right tools and expertise for a lasting finish. Before you begin the process, we recommend you compare at least 3 quotes from professionals in your area. It is the only way to ensure you get the best deal possible. Professional contractors will be able to maximize your savings right from the start.

Size of The Deck

These play one of the biggest roles in determining the cost to refinish a deck. Naturally, the larger your deck, the more expensive it is going to be. You generally are going to be charged by the square meter, but the price per square meter will change from location to location and even the time of year you are having the work done.

Considering all the factors involved, you are likely going to pay around £530 for deck refinishing. However, if you have a large deck and it has been a good amount of time since the last seal, it could end up costing you £1,150 or more.

Time of Year

It is true, certain times of the year will cost you more. During the late spring and summer months, more homeowners are going to use their decks, meaning they will want to have their decks redone. This increases the demand for deck refinishing which pushes up the price. If you want to slash your project price, look towards doing it after the summer, such as in the fall or early on into spring.

Types of Deck Refinishing Sealants

Sealant types are generally broken down into two different categories:

  • water-based
  • oil-based
  • Water options are not going to last as long, but are generally better for the environment and are less expensive. It is also easier to apply. Oil is thicker and protects the deck longer, but the chemicals can have an adverse affect on the environment, not to mention it takes much longer to dry. Oil is more expensive and can cost you hundreds of dollars more for the same job.

    When Was Your Last Seal?

    This determines how damaged your deck currently is. It also has a drastic effect on how much time is required to refinish your current deck. So, a deck that has not been refinished in 10 years is going to be more expensive than one that received a new finish three years ago.

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    Low Cost £115
    Typical Cost £169
    High Cost £230
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