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Driveway Gate Installation Cost

How much should you pay for a driveway gate installation? Get the national cost averages as well as factors affecting them. Get quotes from local pros.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Driveway Gate?

Driveway gate installation will not only give you added security but also improve your homes style and unique look. Making a comprehensive security analysis of your neighborhood and premises will help you determine the strength and type of driveway gate to go for. This coupled with the gate size, which depends on the biggest vehicle that might ever go up your driveway, will determine the costs.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Driveway Gate?

The gate type and its features will determine your installation costs. The most common things to consider in this section include:

  • The material used to build the gate
  • How big (height and width) will the gate be
  • The strength of the gate
  • Manual operation versus automatic operation
  • The design and overall appearance
  • You can expect to spend as little as £600 on the cheapest installations, and up to £3,850 on bigger and stronger gates.
  • Choosing the right type of gate for your needs will ensure that the cost to install a driveway gate stays within your acceptable budget range.

  • Most people will, however, spend an average of £2,300 on their driveway gate installations.
  • A driveway gate installation will make your home more secure and it will increase your property’s market price should you ever happen to sell. If you are not planning to sell, you will benefit from the reduced insurance rates. Most of the insurance agencies will lower your premiums whenever you make your home more secure or more energy efficient. Installing a driveway gate is one of the most logical ways to make your premises safer. Choosing the right contractor and the right kind of gate would always be a win-win.

    What Actually Determines The Cost To Install a Driveway Gate?

    This will boil down to how much the manufacturer spends on fabricating the gate and how much the installation contractor will charge you. While these factors will vary from one driveway installation to another, some factors will always hold constant.

    Manual Vs. Automatic

    Manual gates are cheaper than automatic gates. The manual gate will need someone to open it whenever you approach. This isn’t as convenient as the more expensive automatic gates that don’t need a gatekeeper or someone to push the gate open when you pull up in the driveway.

    Construction Material

    The construction material will not only determine the strength and versatility but also the looks. Iron, steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl are the most common. Iron will make stronger and more versatile gates than vinyl or wood. It will also be more expensive.

    Strength Of The Gate

    The strength of the driveway gate installation determines the type and amount of material. Strong gates will use reinforced aluminum or iron in dual panel mode. Dual paneling will consume more material hence making the gate more expensive.


    The final cost determinants would be the gate looks. A plain gate is simpler to fabricate and install. Anything with complex moldings or finishes will cost you more on material and labor. Actually, a driveway gate made of exotic hardwood could cost more than an aluminum or iron gate.

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    Low Cost £600
    Typical Cost £1,450
    High Cost £3,850
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