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Opting to install interlocking pavers for patios is popular because of the beauty of the final result. Find out what you should be expecting to pay.

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How Much Does Installation of Interlocking Pavers for Patios Cost?

An outdoor patio space is a great place to enjoy the company of friends and family or to just lounge out on a nice day and relax. Before the patio of your dreams can become a reality, you must settle on a material, see to proper planning, begin, and complete installation.

One of the most attractive and desired material types for patio spaces and driveways is interlocking pavers. You might be wondering how much it will cost to install interlocking pavers for patios. Truthfully, it is going to depend on a variety of factors. Once you have a chance to consult with a professional with real knowledge of how to install interlocking pavers for patios, you will be ready to determine if the project is one upon which you wouldd like to embark.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Interlocking Pavers

Some of the most typical factors that affect the cost to install interlocking pavers for patios:

  • The size of the interlocking paver space.
  • Whether your land is already graded or if it is a sloped area that needs to be made flat.
  • The type, grade, and design of your chosen paving material.
  • Will you need to run or relocate underground plumbing, gas or electrical lines?
  • The considerations that you ought to weigh before beginning to install interlocking pavers for patios are substantially important and will greatly affect the condition and visual perfection of your patios appearance once the job is complete.

    Important Considerations Before Hiring a Paving Professional

    Before commencing with a paving professional, ensure they intend to use landscaping cloth beneath the paver installation to block weed growth through cracks. Inquire about the patio paver grade they plan to use: Standard grade is common, whereas premium grade lasts longer and retains color better. A mention of commercial grade indicates a lower quality stone prone to quicker wear and visible defects.

    Address potential local code obligations; permits may be necessary for new patios in some jurisdictions. Discuss any drainage issues on your property with your installation team, ensuring the patio is designed with a slope away from your home's foundation to prevent flooding.

    Interlocking Pavers Cost

    The cost for interlocking paver installation on patios varies with specifics like design complexity and material choice. Nationally, expenses range from £1,387 to £6,785, averaging at £3,469. Material costs for interlocking pavers hover around £3 - £11 per square meter, with professional installation bumping the price to £4 - £15 per square meter.

    For a 28 square meter area, expect costs between £1,387 - £3,469. A larger, 89 square meter area, might cost £4,472 - £11,180. Land grading can add £154 - £925 per day or £38 - £115 hourly to expenses, while relocating utilities could cost £462 - £616 per line.

    Consulting multiple contractors can help align your project with both your budget and vision, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.

    How To Get Your Free Installation Quote

    Cost-wise, a choice to install interlocking pavers for patios is rather sensible. It wont be as cheap as concrete, but it will look much better and will hold up rather well over the years, requiring only basic upkeep.

    If you would like to get more information on the cost to install interlocking pavers for patios on your property, you can reach out to a registered contractor in your area right now.

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    Low Cost £1,387
    Typical Cost £3,469
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