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Home window repair happens, whether from a baseball through the kitchen window or wear and tear. Find out here what you should expect to pay.

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How Much Does Home Window Repair Cost?

Damaged windows happen to everyone sometime or another. Maybe you experience the old fashioned baseball through the kitchen window, the shift of weather may have caused an older window to crack, or some other accident may have occurred. Regardless of the problem, you need to have your home window repair done accordingly, but what is this likely to cost? There are some factors at play, but the better educated you are on these costs, the more likely you are to save valuable dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Home Window?

There are different variables at play when considering the cost to repair a home window. While the price differences are not as extreme as other repairs or renovations in your home, you should still be aware of the components that influence the overall price. Some of the things to consider include:

  • repairing a broken seal
  • window hardware
  • window cracks or chips
  • Repairing a Broken Seal
  • This is a common problem with windows. Sometimes the seal gives way and the window will no longer stay in position. This can result in a fogged out window and a new found draft coming through (which also results in an energy consumption increase). This is another inexpensive fix and can drop the price of your repair, as long as repairing glass is not part of it.

    Professional home window repair is key to maximize the energy efficiency of your home. It is highly recommended that you compare estimates from at least 3 contractors to ensure you are getting the best price available on home window repair.

    Window Hardware

    Sometimes the damage is only found on the glass. Other times fixtures and parts surrounding the window are damaged as well. While replacing window hardware is one of the least expensive, if it goes on top of repairing damaged glass, it simply adds to the price.

    Cracked or Chipped

    Small cracks or chips often constitute home window repair. It is important to contact your contractor as soon as you notice the problem. With the shifts and changes in temperature, cracks will grow, making repair less likely. Repairing these smaller chips or cracks is not terribly expensive, and even if you need to replace the glass, it does not mean the entire window needs to be replaced, just the glass within the window framing.

    Price Breakdown

  • When considering all the aspects involved with home window repair, you can usually prepare to pay a little more than £100.
  • The average cost, however, floats between £150 and almost £300, so estimating your damage should not be too difficult.
  • However, if it is a larger window or specialty glass, it can reach closer to £700 for a repair job.
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    Useful Information

    Low Cost £75
    Typical Cost £220
    High Cost £530
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