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Furnace replacement is essential for keeping your home a safe and welcoming space for family and visitors. Get national averages and request a free quote here.

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How Much Does Furnace Replacement Cost?

When your home heating system is not really getting hot anymore or the unit fails to even come on, and you have checked the thermostat and the pilot light, you may be ready for a furnace replacement.

Before you order a new unit from a catalog or website, you will want to consult with a furnace replacement professional to ensure that you are selecting the best and most cost-efficient model for the size of your home and geographic region. Below we will discuss the costs involved in replacing various different types of furnace. Before you begin hunting for a new furnace, though, make sure you are up to date with the average cost to replace a furnace so you can avoid overspending. It would also be wise to brush up on your HVAC terminology so you are up to speed when speaking with a contractor.

Additional Costs To Consider

Your overall cost to replace a furnace may also include a few hidden repairs such as:

  • Replacement and installation of new ducting could cost between ?771 - ?3,855 (?6 - ?9 per linear ft).
  • Converting from an electric furnace to a gas furnace will require new ducting and piping installation which can cost between ?3,855 - ?11,566.
  • Furnace and ducting inspection costs can add about ?77, sometimes these are free.
  • Removal and disposal of the old furnace and equipment will cost around ?46. Local recycling companies also sometimes do free removals.
  • Air cleaners or humidifiers can add between ?308 - ?771.
  • Variable speed blowers, automatic adjusters, and other furnace enhancements can cost between ?385 - ?616.
  • Furnace Replacement Efficiency

    Aside from the cost of the new unit and installation, a third cost consideration goes into any furnace replacement job. This is regarding the average utility cost for powering your furnace.

    Fortunately, any furnace you may purchase has a standard rating called AFUE which stands for Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency. A moderately efficient unit will typically operate between an 80 and 85% AFUE rating, whereas a high-efficiency unit will have a rating above 85%. The higher the rating of your new unit, the higher the overall cost to replace a furnace.

    A big benefit of running an efficient furnace is the fact that you can apply for Federal Income Tax Credits. Energy Star rated furnaces and appliances can save energy, money, and the environment. Save up to 10% on energy when installing Energy Star certified furnaces.

    How To Get a Free Quote

    If your furnace is not looking too healthy, why not get a free furnace replacement quote from a professional installer near you? All you have to do is simply enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page. Local pros will reach out to you, providing a FREE, no-obligation estimate on the cost to replace your furnace. No purchase or hiring is mandatory and there are no contracts to sign when you enter your details. It is a great way to decide what is possible when working within a budget. There is not an easier way to go about it, so why not give it a try now!


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    Useful Information

    Low Cost ?1,696
    Typical Cost ?3,007
    High Cost ?6,323
    Furnace replacement costs will differ depending on your location and several other factors. Get in touch with a local professional for a more accurate idea of what you will be paying.