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How Much Does Furnace Repair Cost?

In many regions of the country, a properly functioning furnace is crucial to staying warm indoors. Such equipment typically generates heat in a central location and delivers it to different parts of the home via air ducts. A furnace will often last 10 to 20 years, but its not unusual that you will require furnace repair services during this time.

Homeowners frequently call HVAC companies when their furnaces stop working, only produce heat intermittently or trigger carbon monoxide alarms. Professional furnace repair technicians have the training and tools needed to safely address these problems.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Furnace?

  • Labor tends to represent a larger portion of the cost to repair a furnace, but replacement parts can also require considerable amounts of money. The average HVAC contractor charges around $90 per hour to fix furnaces. This may seem high, but it is important to realize that it covers a number of overhead expenditures: tools, safety gear, licensing, training, building rental, vehicle maintenance, fuel and so on. Part costs vary substantially depending on the specific mechanical problem and equipment model. For instance, a new heat exchanger sells for about $400 on average.
  • Furnace repair is not a simple DIY project. We recommend that you get a professional contractor in your region to ascertain what type of repair is needed and then compare as many quotes as possible in order to get an idea of what your cost to repair a furnace might be.

    Warranty Coverage and Other Factors

    People normally pay significantly less when a heating equipment warranty remains in effect. Warranty terms differ, but it is common for homeowners with guarantees to pay for labor and receive parts for free. The size, brand and production date of the furnace will have a major effect on the final cost to repair a furnace. Replacement parts normally sell at lower prices when they are designed for relatively common furnaces. Regardless of the model, major components like motors and heat exchangers are more expensive than most other parts.

  • type of problem
  • furnace age, brand
  • part availability
  • level of urgency
  • under warranty
  • Average Furnace Repair Cost Breakdown
  • The cost to repair a furnace generally starts at around ?77. A person might spend this much cash if the problem can be corrected by performing a relatively simple task, such as cleaning the equipment to restore normal heat output.
  • However, the average customer pays an HVAC technician ?308 for furnace repair. Some people spend as much as ?616. Repairs to things like furnace motors, heat exchangers, and fans tend to be more costly than other types of services. Mechanical problems normally cost more to fix than electrical issues.
  • Many locally oriented factors can affect the above-mentioned prices. For example, rates might be a little higher if the demand for furnace repair is high in your area during the present season. The shipping distance to major HVAC part suppliers, local licensing requirements, and transportation expenses could also have an impact.

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    Low Cost ?77
    Typical Cost ?231
    High Cost ?616
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